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Central Europe

Grand cities laced with cobblestone streets. Idyllic pastures spread out beneath snowcapped Alpine peaks. Ancient wineries whose vines pre-date the discovery of the New World. Fields of rosemary and sage beside the glittering Adriatic. From the gothic spires of the Czech Republic to Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast, Central Europe beckons.
Country Walkers 2017 Europe Guide

Explore Europe!

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Guided Walking Bavaria Tyrol 2018

Austria & Germany: Bavaria & the Tyrol

A journey in this region offers the perfect balance between rural and city life, natural beauty and cultural encounters.

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Guided Walking Croatia's Dalmatian Coast

Croatia: The Dalmatian Coast

The Dalmatian Coast is a hidden wonder full of medieval cities, seaside olive groves, and glittering bays surrounded by hills of vibrant green.

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Guided Walking Czech Republic

Czech Republic: Vienna to Prague

Rococo chateaux, world-class breweries, age-old forests cloaked in moss, and beguiling folk traditions await your discovery in the Czech Republic.

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Guided Walking magical slovenia

Slovenia: Julian Alps to the Adriatic

Between the sun-dazzled coast of the Adriatic, the green Hungarian steppe, and the white-mantled peaks of the Alps, Slovenia is an undiscovered pearl of central Europe.

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