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4 Travel Tips for Empty Nesters

  It's a bittersweet moment when parents first realize their nest is empty. In no time at all, their kids have grown up and made lives for themselves. Suddenly, all those things that once occupied parents' schedules - birthday parties, soccer practice, drama club rehearsal,...

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A Typical Day on a Self Guided Adventure

What’s Your Perfect Self-Guided Day on the Trail?

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The Top 25 Traits of a Self-Guided Traveler

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How to Make the Most of Travel with Friends

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A Typical Day on a Self Guided Adventure

What’s Your Perfect Self-Guided Day on the Trail?

There’s no such thing as a typical day on a Self-Guided Adventure. Without a packed schedule, tour group, and guide, each day is exactly what you decide to make of it. With route notes in hand, you can decide where to stop and when--trusting us...

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exploring ireland at your pace

3 Tips for Exploring Galway and the Bucolic Irish West

Galway is one of Ireland's most vibrant destinations. There's the city itself, which is growing in both population and economy, and the county surrounding it, highlighted by the traditional Connemara region. Its lush and rugged natural terrain draws so many visitors. If you're considering visiting...

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Georgia Golden Isles

Escape into Nature on Little St. Simons Island

Fascinating sights and wildlife, all steeped in a rich and intricate history - the southern United States has it all. And nowhere in the South exemplifies this complexity quite like Georgia and its Little St. Simons Island, an essential stop on any trip to the...

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ireland blog hero

Clocháns on Dingle Way: An Irish Tradition

Southwestern Ireland is, in many ways, the region of the country that informs many people's ideas about the Emerald Isle: a closeness with the sea, waves slamming up against rocky cliffs of verdant plains, a colorfully provincial and artistic local community. All of these are...

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Japan Kyoto Nara & Kumano Kodo

Experience the Magic of the Yamabushi Monks

Japan is a country of contradictions, known for it’s forward-thinking technological advancements while remaining steeped in ancient culture and tradition. One such tradition is that of the Yamabushi religious order. For centuries, the practices of these monks have remained shrouded in mystery, but in the...

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