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A hiking tour of Africa brings you intimately close to the powers of the natural world. You’ll feel it when walking amongst the continent’s diverse animal and bird species, and when hiking to geographic wonders like Victoria Falls.

Visit Africa to witness its spectacular array of wildlife, and to stroll amid its infinite deserts, lush savannahs, and dense jungles. A walking tour of Africa offers more than what can be viewed from a footpath—it’s an immersion into a rich history and cultural traditions that have captivated travelers and adventurers alike for centuries. It’s also an opportunity to discover a thriving, contemporary continent—one where local conservationists work side by side with traditional villagers to preserve the region’s biodiversity, where cosmopolitan restaurants in Cape Town boast tantalizing wine lists, where state-of-the-art tented camps offer zero-pollution oases in the middle of the veldt.

From the snow-capped peak of Kilimanjaro, through the forest-clothed slopes of Mount Kenya, to the Alpine meadows of the High Atlas Mountains, Africa’s spellbinding terrain offers a diverse array of hiking challenges that appeal to new trekkers, skilled mountaineers, and everyone in between.

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