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Travel Entry and Exit/Tour Requirements

Travel Requirements

Guests must keep their COVID-19 vaccination up to date as required by the destinations to which they are traveling. Guests will visit the CDC website for detailed information and check back frequently prior to departure date to ensure understanding and compliance with guidance changes.

Country Walkers recommends that all guests be vaccinated and boosted prior to departure. Destination requirements continue to change, often with little notice, and failure to follow local health requirements, including traveling unvaccinated, could result in negative impacts to your experience. Please note that Country Walkers is unable to reimburse guests who cannot join a tour or take part in tour activities for failing to satisfy local health requirements.

Country Walkers recommends that all guests consult with their primary care provider to determine their risk level for travel.

  • Guests should be prepared to meet any COVID-19 testing requirements imposed by the destination(s) to which they are traveling, as well as testing requirements imposed by transportation providers. (If a guest has previously had COVID-19, it is recommended they travel with proof of infection and recovery in case they cannot provide a negative test result.) Guests who have been diagnosed with COVID-19 within 5 days of their tour start date must cancel their travel plans.
  • Guests must review and meet all travel requirements imposed by the locations to which they are traveling.

Country Requirements: Requirements are very specific; please pay close attention to timing for testing requirements.  If you are not within the required guidelines, you may be denied entry into the country.

Please note: If you are traveling on a multi-country tour or are traveling on your own before or after our tour, please check all countries that you plan to visit. It is also important to check directly with the airline operating your flights in the event that there are testing requirements for layovers.  Please be aware that any traveler may be subject to random testing in airports.

This information is subject to change.

For US citizens, please click here and search your destination to learn about Entry and Exit requirements.

For Canadian citizens, please click here and search your destination to learn about Entry and Exit requirements.

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