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The Best Low-Mileage Tours for a Leisurely Walking Vacation

Many dedicated walkers are looking for trails that will send their spirits soaring without sore feet, ankles, or knees.

A Light in the Baltics

Relax! Walking Vacations Don’t Have to Be Difficult.

Many dedicated walkers are looking for trails that will send their spirits soaring without sore feet, ankles, or knees. Something relatively light on steep ascents—and without a punishing 10 to 15-mile daily march. Does that sound like your pace? Then get ready to lace up for our lowest-mileage walking adventures.

If the prospect of a well-graded trail on level ground is your ideal, you’re not alone. Many passionate walkers love a leisurely ramble along easy-going terrain—with plenty of beautiful scenery and cultural experiences along the way. If you prefer an invigorating jaunt through a scenic landscape compared to the exertion and exhilaration of cresting a mountain’s highest peak, these tours are for you.

Fewer Miles, More Discovery

Lithuania & Latvia: Vilnius to Riga. Explore a magical landscape of magnificent Baltic castles, ancient forests, and haunting folktales on this incredible tour of two Baltic nations. Grassy paths, level dirt roads, boardwalks, sand dunes, and cobbled streets lead through old-world villages, deep-green forests, and wide-open farmland. Hand-crafted amber keepsakes and a home-hosted lunch make this a tour not to be missed! Daily mileage: 3-6 miles.

Nova Scotia: Cape Breton Island Self-Guided Tour. The independent nature of self-guided tours means you can walk as much or as little as you want each day—it’s entirely up to you! This self-guided tour of Nova Scotia features spectacular coastal walking trails with low mileage—and a wealth of quaint villages and lively musical venues along the way. Daily mileage: 3-7 miles.

England: Bath & the Cotswolds Guided Tour. There’s plenty of time to explore British culture on this exceptional walking tour. While strolling through iconic sandstone villages, you may stop to discover quaint local shops, or pause to linger over a traditional English cream tea. In the evenings, relax by the fireplace in your cozy country inn, or pop down to the pub where you can enjoy a drink and chat with the locals. Daily mileage: 3.5-7 miles.

Italy: Tuscany & Umbria Guided Tour. If you’re looking for easier walks in Italy, this splendid tour of Tuscany and Umbria can’t be beat! With our deep roots in the region, Country Walkers brings you the best of the best—including guided tours of Assisi and Siena, lunch at the home of Tuscan sheep farmers, and a sumptuous dinner in a restaurant with unique and intimate views of Assisi’s ancient Roman ruins. Daily mileage: 4-8 miles.

Portugal: Minho & the Douro Valley Guided Tour. Stroll along paved roads and country lanes as you tread portions of the Way of St. James in this splendid Portugal walking adventure. Amble through scenic vineyards where you’ll sample some of Portugal’s renowned vintages—and enjoy a delightful ride on an iconic rabelo boat. Daily mileage: 4-8 miles.

France: Normandy & Brittany Guided Tour. Attention history buffs! The coast of Normandy and Brittany are both scenic and historically significant. As you stroll the tranquil shores of Omaha Beach, you’ll learn about the history of the D-Day landings during a visit to the American Cemetery. You’ll experience a magical glimpse into medieval life at the famous monastery at Mont St. Michel, and can peruse the history of the Norman conquest while viewing the Bayeux tapestry. Daily mileage: 3-5 miles.

Vermont: Fall Foliage Guided Tour. Explore Vermont’s scenic valleys and pastures, lakes and gorges, villages and town greens—all at a relaxed pace. There are plenty of optional hikes for those looking for a challenge—and a wealth of gentle country lanes, quaint villages, and adorable boutiques to explore for those who prefer a more laid-back adventure. Daily mileage: 2-6 miles.

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