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Play to Their Passions: Tours for Your Family’s Interests

Here at Country Walkers, we know there’s more to travel than experiencing other cultures, savoring delicious cuisine, and suffusing ourselves in nature.

Play to Their Passions: Tours for Your Family’s Interests

With Country Walkers, the World is a Playground for Families to Reconnect and Thrive 

Here at Country Walkers, we know there’s more to travel than experiencing other cultures, savoring delicious cuisine, and suffusing ourselves in nature. It’s also about sharing the experience with those closest to you, creating memories, and chronicling stories that generations of your family will appreciate. Don’t just admire your family’s diverse and unique history — add to it with a spellbinding Country Walkers adventure exploring some of the world’s most fascinating locales.  

Expand the Family Songbook 

Whether your family has a shared love of air guitar or a long tradition of practicing musicians, a Country Walkers tour can foster your family through its love of music, regardless of your destination. A walking tour of Ireland gives travelers a chance to experience traditional small-town music sessions night after night in the local pub, a place of vibrant sing-a-longs and storytelling that are small stages for a lifetime of memories. In Portugal, a day spent walking along the rugged coast, followed by an evening accompanied by the haunting strains of fado music gives you a glimpse into the beating heart of local culture. 

Coastal Connections 

Whether you come from a family of recreational boaters or simply appreciate the seashore, Country Walkers can help your family explore some of the world’s most fantastic locations where the land meets the sea. The sweeping coastal views of Nova Scotia’s Cape Breton Island will help conjure new appreciation for your family’s maritime persuasions while granting access to some of the world’s most beautiful hiking trails. Gaze down at the Gulf of St. Lawrence from the venerated Skyline Trail and share tales of your day’s discovery by the crackle of the fire in the cozy confines of a local inn. Amble the coastal fishing villages of Norway amidst a stunning backdrop of fjords, glaciers, and waterfalls, blazing the same scenic trails as ancient Norwegians centuries before.  

History Comes to Life 

No matter where your family hails from, Country Walkers gives you the chance to explore your family roots and experience a whole new appreciation for the cultural traditions of regions across the globe. Meander the winding roads of the Scottish Highlands, where medieval castles house historical artifacts that date back to the 13th century and were once home to the mighty kings who dominated Scotland’s ancient past. And nowhere is history more present than in the Andes Mountains of Peru, where monuments like Machu Pichu have fascinated historians and archaeologists for centuries. 

A Taste of the Finer Things 

If your family likes to come together and rejoice around the dinner table, Country Walkers can help you create new memories while someone else does the cooking. Invite your group to a walking tour of Italy, where you’ll spend your days building up an appetite exploring sites like the whitewashed village of Alberobello, and natural phenomena like soaring limestone peaks, and river-cut ravines. By night, the vast Italian table delights with farm-to-fork creations like freshly made pasta, locally harvested seafood, and artisan-baked bread. Not to be outdone, a walking tour of France can also give your family of travelers a story to tell. From the famed herbs of Provence to Normandy’s finest Camembert, a day full of hiking will be well rewarded with some of the world’s most delicious cuisine.  

Wild Sights 

If your family loves to gather around for a good nature documentary, why not take your curiosity out into the wilderness on a trip they’ll never forget? Observe peaceful herds of moose, bighorn sheep, and elk, and keep your eyes peeled for mountain bluebirds while you make your way through the majestic Canadian Rockies in Yoho and Glacier National Parks. Explore the bush of New Zealand—brimming with vibrant and unique birdlife—including kiwi, weka, and fantail birds. Along the coast of the Tasman Sea, you’ll find a wealth of marine life—including seals, herons, and even penguins.  

When it comes to planning your next family vacation, choose immersion over mere distraction. With Country Walkers, you and your family enjoy a hands-on, active experience and engage with cultures and geographic regions of the world in ways that will create a story to share for generations.  

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