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Category: Travel Savvy
Camino de Santiago

The Camino de Santiago: Guided or Self-Guided?
Take Your Pick!

Please note: the following was written by Olivia Pittet, a long-time Country Walkers guest and the author of the recent book, The Camino Made Easy: Reflections of a Parador Pilgrim. However you choose to walk, there’s so much to absorb on this long-distance pilgrimage trail...

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travel together

4 Travel Tips for Empty Nesters

  It's a bittersweet moment when parents first realize their nest is empty. In no time at all, their kids have grown up and made lives for themselves. Suddenly, all those things that once occupied parents' schedules - birthday parties, soccer practice, drama club rehearsal,...

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Czech Republic Vienna to Prague

‘Czech’ out České Budějovice, Brew Capital for the Holy Roman Empire

Beer has been a part of certain civilizations for more than two thousand years. With the advent of craft beer and microbrewing, the beverage is perhaps now more popular than ever. Many devoted beer enthusiasts consider Europe to be the best continent for beer brewing,...

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Glacier Spring Fed Pools

Six Favorite Highlights of Our Staff

Interested in receiving the inside scoop on a destination? So are we! There’s no better way to find out what makes a tour memorable than to ask the people who created it. From Montana to South Africa, here are a few of our Tour Directors’...

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Portugal Coast

4 Medieval Must-Sees in Evora, Portugal

Evidence of Europe's rich and complex history is everywhere, no matter where you are on the continent. You can hardly walk a block without seeing a centuries-old church, a storybook stone fortress, strange ruins whose origins are lost to time - you name it and...

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Sweden, Old Town from Stockholm, City Hall

On the Streets of Stockholm: Traversing Sweden’s Capital

What comes to mind when you envision Sweden? Norse mythology? ABBA? The simple beauty of Scandinavian furniture? Well, after visiting Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, you'll find that one of its most memorable pleasures of this historic city is, quite simply, spending a day or...

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tea harvest sri lanka

Experiencing Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka’s Sacred City

The nations of Southeast Asia and the Indian subcontinent all boast rich histories dating back thousands of years, full of sights and experiences guaranteed to pique the interests of bona fide history buffs and casual observers alike. Off the southern coast of India, in the...

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Adventures on the Water in Zambia and Botswana

While they may be landlocked, Zambia and Botswana are still home to stunning water formations, most notably Victoria Falls and the Okavango Delta. Let's take a look at what both have to offer travelers who seek adventure and natural wonders. The Grand Beauty of Victoria...

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Self Guided Adventures

Why Take a Self-Guided Walking Tour?

Do you daydream about traveling the world, exploring fantastic destinations on your own terms and at your own pace? Then consider joining Country Walkers' Self-Guided Adventures. They're exhilaratingly freeing ways to discover the world without having to coordinate with a group. Here's why you should take a self-guided...

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Solo Hero

Eight Tips on Traveling Solo

Solo travel is on the rise! A recent cover article in Afar Magazine, chatter on the Today show, and a New York Times feature all point to something we’ve known for years: traveling on your own is an incredible way to experience the world. But...

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