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Just Announced: Fantastic New Tours for 2023!

It’s finally here! That time of year everyone’s waiting for: when brand new Country Walkers tours are announced and opened for booking.

Just Announced: Fantastic New Tours for 2023!

Get Ready for Something New!

It’s finally here! That time of year everyone’s waiting for: when brand new Country Walkers tours are announced and opened for booking. Our experienced trip designers have their fingers on the pulse of active travel trends, so they know how to select up-and-coming destinations that will be all the rage in the coming season. We bring you 2023’s top highlights—in their own words.

New! Spain: Balearic Islands, Mallorca & Deià Guided Tour

The Mallorcan coastal village of Deià marks the starting point of our scenic walk through one of the island’s most culturally rich regions. This charming artists’ village is nestled in a ravine amidst the stunning Serra de Tramuntana, the mountainous spine of Mallorca. The dramatic range is a UNESCO World Heritage site, heralded for its unique convergence of nature, culture, and tradition. “It is such a fascinating and gorgeous setting,” says trip designer Tricia Dowhan. “We walk from Deià, long a haven for painters, writers, and musicians, along an ancient trade route where olive cultivation prospered during Moorish and Roman rule.”

Citrus has also been central to agriculture here, and nowhere more prominently than in the valley surrounding Sóller, where your walk concludes. The historic town rests in a wooded basin at the foot of the Tramuntanas and once enjoyed vibrant trade with the South of France. Today it is known as Mallorca’s beloved “Valley of Gold” for its citrus and olive-oil production. “We really connect with the area’s amazing agricultural past during lunch in Sóller and when we visit a bio-dynamic citrus finca (farm estate),” Tricia continues. “And nothing beats literally walking in the footsteps of Moors and Romans.”

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New! Norway: Bergen & the Fjords Guided Tour

“I am really smitten with our new Kongevegen over Filefjell walk in Norway,” says trip designer Kat Bacevicius. “I think our guests will be, too!” The historic “King’s Road” she refers to winds through a dramatic and rugged wilderness. Linking Oslo and Bergen, it was the first passage on which locals could travel east to west via horse-drawn cart. Built completely by hand in the late 1700s, it replaced the old packhorse track from medieval days. In several spots, inclines were so steep that switchbacks and foundational walls were installed, a massive engineering undertaking for its day. You’ll walk some of the path’s most breathtaking stretches through ravines, along rushing rivers, and past waterfalls and historic crofts that hark back to Norway’s rich farming traditions.

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New! Scotland: The Scottish Highlands & Cairngorms National Park Self-Guided Tour

The Scottish Highlands are heralded as one of Europe’s last great wildernesses. Pristine and pure, they seem made for walkers. Trip designer Melanie Morin has worked with local partners to create walking routes that showcase the astounding diversity here. “We walk several distinct environmental zones that embody the essence of the Highlands,” she says. “The beautiful green valley of the river Spey, the mountains and open moors of Cairngorms National Park, and the woodlands shores of the legendary Loch Ness.” When pressed, she has a hard time picking the top stand-out moment from this Self-Guided tour—because every moment stands out. “Just to be in this storied region is momentous! Everywhere you look there are breathtaking vistas, charming stone-clad villages, and opportunities to sample the Highlands’ famous whisky.”

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New! Portugal: Sintra and Rota Vicentina Self-Guided Tour

Nothing can prepare you for the moment you arrive at the westernmost point of Portugal’s Alentejo region. Here, on Cape Sardão, you stand atop a massive cliff overlooking the panorama of the Atlantic Ocean. “The historic lighthouse is all that’s there,” says trip designer Cammy Richelli. And some winged residents like it that way. “This is the only place in the world you can see storks nesting on cliffs,” she continues. It’s also the start of your walk along the magnificent coastal trail of Rota Vicentina. “You hike along high ledges peppered with low brush and wildflowers and graced with ocean views. Fishermen once walked this trail on their way to the best fishing spots. It’s incredible to think this spectacular view was part of their everyday lives!”

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