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3 UNESCO World Heritage Sites Best Experienced on Foot

UNESCO World Heritage Sites Best Experienced on Foot

UNESCO World Heritage sites are among the world's most remarkable places to visit on any vacation—and quite a few of them feature prominently on the itineraries of Guided Walking Adventures from Country Walkers. All three of the locations detailed below provide ample opportunities to flex your feet and get a real feel for a region’s natural beauty, history, and culture:

1. Portofino and Cinque Terre: Jewels of the Coast

The rocky cliffs surrounding La Spezia made this colorful Italian port city virtually inaccessible by land until construction of the Genoa-La Spezia railway in 1870. Even now, the 15-kilometer stretch of craggy coast, which features some of the nation's most striking natural and man-made sights, can be reached only by foot, by train or by sea. You'll find an unrivaled peace as you walk its stone streets, looking up at the rose and yellow buildings and marveling at how the city grew around the ancient lemon trees and olive groves. To experience this fishing village that time forgot, join our Italy: Portofino & Cinque Terre walking tour and see it for yourself.

2. Marvel at the Old City of Dubrovnik

In a class of its own, Dubrovnik is the last stop on Croatia: The Dalmatian Coast. You might recognize it by its buildings, known the world over for their orange roofs and architectural variety, from Gothic to Baroque. From the walls at Dubrovnik, you'll capture stunning views of nearby islands and the Adriatic Sea, as well as countless other attractions, such as the elegant Sponza Palace and the bustling businesses along the Stradun. When you've tired yourself out, you can retire to the luxurious Grand Villa Argentina, where you can bask under lavender and bay leaf trees.

Dubrovnik isn't the only UNESCO site on our walking tour of the Dalmatian Coast. You'll also spend time admiring the beautiful beaches on Hvar Island and the grape and olive groves of Hvar's Stari Grad Plain. And don't forget to sample Croatian specialty foods in Dubrovnik and Hvar, including fresh pasta garnished with cuttlefish ink or truffles, brudet (fish casserole), roast lamb, and sarna (rice-stuffed cabbage leaves).

3. Ancient Viticulture of the Alto Douro Valley

Vintners of the Alto Douro Wine Region in Portugal have made wine for at least two millennia. While visiting on our Portugal: Porto to Lisbon tour, you'll taste varietals handmade by the valley's winemakers and walk along the terraced hills where the thick grapevines grow, quietly observing the meticulous labor of vineyard keepers. Although the bookends of this tour allow you to experience two of Portugal's most fascinating cities, your trip through Douro may end up being the most fulfilling part of the journey. Immerse yourself in the valley's lush flora and passionate rural community.

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