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Category: Explorations
Travel to Italy in 2017

The Best Italy Tour for Every Interest

From the Etruscan frescoes to medieval villages, Italy presents a staggering panorama of history, natural beauty, and culture—and we haven’t even made it to the Renaissance yet. It’s no wonder that travelers often feel overwhelmed trying to decide where to go here. Should you pick...

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National Park by the Numbers

The National Park Service By The Numbers

18 Surprising Facts about the National Park Service Last year, the National Park Service celebrated 100 years of advocacy, education, and conservation—a proud tradition that has safeguarded our parks and monuments for generations. While that number is certainly impressive, it’s not the only compelling statistic...

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CW Safari Adventures

The Best African Safari for Every Interest

It may seem obvious, but it bears repeating: Africa is big. A behemoth on the map, it could comfortably fit the United States, China, India, and all of western Europe within its borders. With a population of over 1.2 billion, it hosts a dazzling 2,100...

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Ireland’s 5 Most Beautiful Places for Walkers and Hikers

For many travelers, simply mentioning Ireland conjures a misty landscape of vibrant green, towering sea cliffs, charming villages, and sheep tranquilly grazing beside age-old stone walls. Celebrated in song, poetry, and film, it’s a countryside as iconic as any in the world.’s also a...

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11 Spectacular Images of Provence’s Lavender Country

Is there anything more quintessentially Provence than lavender? The fragrant flower conjures images of colorful fields, quaint outdoor markets, and exquisite dishes served in old-fashioned bistros. However, did you know that the iconic plant doesn’t grow just anywhere in the region? In fact, there’s a...

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The Czech Republic’s Many Highlights

Like the medieval streets and ancient squares of Prague, travel in the Czech Republic offers exquisite beauty, rich history, and a bit of fairy-tale magic. From the hushed forests of the Bohemian-Moravian Highlands—where verdant evergreens give way to quiet lakes and sunny meadows—to the pastel...

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grazing zebras on country walkers safaris

Six Experiences that Highlight the Pleasures of Safaris

When most people imagine a safari, they picture a 4x4 full of travelers marveling at lions and elephants on the savanna. And while game drives are a remarkable part of any adventure to Africa, they’re not the whole story. CW Safaris puts incredible care into...

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The Charming and magical Czech Republic

Our Favorite Czech Traditions

For most travelers, the Czech Republic conjures images of massive palace complexes, medieval towns, and ancient old-world forests. But while the country’s cities and monuments are sweeping in historic grandeur, there’s another aspect of the country that shouldn’t be overlooked. As guests on our popular...

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Five Sights That Make Japan’s Nara Park So Remarkable

South of Kyoto and east of Osaka, the city of Nara may be overlooked by time-pressed travelers visiting the Japanese island of Honshu. However, we feel it’s well-worth a visit. Along with being the ancient capital of Japan and home to seven iconic temples, it’s...

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Much to explore on the Costa Brava

Hidden Highlights of the Catalonia

There’s a lot to see in Catalonia. From the high peaks of the Pyrenees to the twisting backstreets of Barcelona (where a chance detour can lead to colorful street performers or millennia-old Roman walls), Spain’s northeastern corner offers an incredible range of hidden highlights and...

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Five Sights That Make Japan’s Nara Park So Remarkable

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