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Category: Explorations
Italy Portofino and Cinque Terre

3 UNESCO World Heritage Sites Best Experienced on Foot

UNESCO World Heritage sites are among the world's most remarkable places to visit on any vacation—and quite a few of them feature prominently on the itineraries of Guided Walking Adventures from Country Walkers. All three of the locations detailed below provide ample opportunities to flex...

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Music Lovers, Listen Up: 3 Underrated Music Capitals

Experiencing other cultures is one of the major reasons why we take the time to travel. It can liberate us from preconceived notions, broaden our perspectives and, in the best cases, help make us into better people. Music represents one facet of how a culture...

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Self Guided Adventures

3 Major Wine Regions of North America

A truly great vintage is a pleasure unlike any other, and you don't need to visit Bordeaux, France, or Marlborough, New Zealand, to sample stellar varietals. Check out three of North America's greatest winemaking regions: California Dreamin' (About Sonoma County Wine) Sonoma and Napa Counties...

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Australia Ocean Walk - Self Guided Walking Tour

3 Life-Changing National Parks Around the Globe

Protected national parks offer people the chance to observe beautiful flora and fauna untouched by civilization. If you're a nature lover trying to choose the perfect walking tour from Country Walkers, take these sanctuaries from around the world into consideration: Preserved Natural and Icelandic History...

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exploring ireland at your pace

3 Tips for Exploring Galway and the Bucolic Irish West

Galway is one of Ireland's most vibrant destinations. There's the city itself, which is growing in both population and economy, and the county surrounding it, highlighted by the traditional Connemara region. Its lush and rugged natural terrain draws so many visitors. If you're considering visiting...

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grazing zebras on country walkers safaris

Four Experiences that Highlight the Pleasures of Safaris

When most people imagine a safari, they picture a 4x4 full of travelers marveling at lions and elephants on the savanna. And while game drives are a remarkable part of any adventure to Africa, they’re not the whole story. Country Walkers puts incredible care into...

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Georgia Golden Isles

Escape into Nature on Little St. Simons Island

Fascinating sights and wildlife, all steeped in a rich and intricate history - the southern United States has it all. And nowhere in the South exemplifies this complexity quite like Georgia and its Little St. Simons Island, an essential stop on any trip to the...

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Japan Kyoto Nara & Kumano Kodo

Experience the Magic of the Yamabushi Monks

Japan is a country of contradictions, known for it’s forward-thinking technological advancements while remaining steeped in ancient culture and tradition. One such tradition is that of the Yamabushi religious order. For centuries, the practices of these monks have remained shrouded in mystery, but in the...

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travel together

4 Travel Tips for Empty Nesters

  It's a bittersweet moment when parents first realize their nest is empty. In no time at all, their kids have grown up and made lives for themselves. Suddenly, all those things that once occupied parents' schedules - birthday parties, soccer practice, drama club rehearsal,...

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Czech Republic Vienna to Prague

‘Czech’ out České Budějovice, Brew Capital for the Holy Roman Empire

Beer has been a part of certain civilizations for more than two thousand years. With the advent of craft beer and microbrewing, the beverage is perhaps now more popular than ever. Many devoted beer enthusiasts consider Europe to be the best continent for beer brewing,...

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