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Plan the Big Trip of a Lifetime—One Step at a Time

It might feel far away now, but with Country Walkers in your corner, we’ll help you plan that bucket-list adventure—one step at a time.


Plan the Big Trip of a Lifetime—One Step at a Time

It’s Not Just Any Trip. It’s “The Big Trip”.  

We all have a dream vacation. If you’re like most of us, you’ve got more than one—those fantasy destinations that feel just a little bit out of reach. The Big Trip promises the experience of a lifetime but dances a little outside your comfort zone. Maybe it seems too challenging, too far to travel, or too complex to manage.  So, how do you make that dream a reality? With a step-by-step plan and a little help from Country Walkers, of course! Because with a good plan, you can achieve anything. 

Step 1: Summertime is Dream Time 

It’s funny how going on vacation gets you thinking about your next trip. Summer vacation offers plenty of time to dream—long, bright days by the pool with family and friends and sultry nights to conspire under the hazy light of tiki torches. There’s time to wriggle your toes in the sand and imagine yourself sipping exotic drinks by a jungle pool. Summer is the perfect time to think about the activities and destinations that inspire you most.  

This summer, you may be dreaming away the hours on a smooth, sandy beach by the crystal waters of the Adriatic, or sharing a lobster dinner with friends and family along Acadia’s rocky coast. And as you reach across the table to pour another glass of prosecco for your best friend, you recount the highlights of the day. The hike that took you along the coast and up a trail of rough-hewn granite steps—a bit steep in spots but culminating in a burst of color at the summit. Maybe you were tired at the end, but the view of that azure horizon gave you boundless inspiration. 

These are the moments to capture and remember—not just to cherish, but to use as building blocks for your next great adventure. Because when you’re on vacation, you can clearly see what you want more of—and less of—in your next trip. You know what you can comfortably take on—and can set goals for new challenges and fresh adventures.   

Step 2: Build Your Vacation Bucket List 

At Country Walkers, we’re committed to helping bring that Big Trip to life—simply by putting one foot in front of the other. That’s why we turn down the sheets in hotel after hotel until we find the one that satisfies our exacting standards. It’s why we make friends with the owners of rural farms and convince them to welcome a few guests to an aromatic dinner on their terrace. It’s why we wrangle the lowest prices from the airlines—and hunt for the best flight itineraries to even the most far-flung destinations. But there’s still an important job only you can do—build your vacation bucket list!  

Here are a few questions to help get you started: 

  • What activities do you enjoy? 
  • Where have you always wanted to go?  
  • How do you want to grow as a person this year? 
  • What time of year works best for you?  

There’s no one-size-fits-all dream vacation, and everybody’s Big Trip is different. Your Big Trip might take you to far-flung destinations on the other side of the world—hiking past fragrant saffron fields in Morocco or icy blue glaciers in Patagonia. Perhaps you’re yearning to crest the summit of the world’s legendary peaks—treading in the footsteps of Roman legionaries towards dizzying heights of Mount Blanc. Your Big Trip might be your very first river cruise—floating lazily down the blue Danube from the cobblestoned streets of Prague to the opera houses of Vienna. Your trip could take you across the ocean for the very first time—discovering Italy’s brightly-hued cliffside villages or England’s charming cottages. Or maybe it’s a desert hike you’re dreaming of—winding your way through the burnt umber rock formations of Utah’s Bryce & Zion Canyons. Perhaps you’re ready to explore on your own—with detailed route maps, world-class hotels and 24/7 in-country support when you need it. Whatever your vision, Country Walkers is eager to help make it a reality. 

Step 3: Block Some Time 

Schedules can fill up fast! You don’t need to decide where you want to go yet—but it’s a good idea to set aside a block of time for the Big Trip. That way, you can work with a clean schedule—before it gets crammed with weddings, graduations and business lunches. But don’t wait too long! If you’re thinking about taking the Big Trip in 2023 it’s a great idea to block your calendar now—give yourself three or four weeks to work with. When friends and relatives ask to visit, offer them time a few weeks before or after your target vacation timeline. It’s a small step that can make a world of difference when you’re planning the Big Trip of a lifetime. 

So, this summer, get out there! Have the time of your life—and start dreaming about that Big Trip. Build your bucket list, block some time on your schedule, and keep track of any questions that come up along the way. Our Country Walkers Tour Consultants are eager to help—pointing you in the right direction with optional activities, sight-seeing, or Tour Extensions that will help you reach your goals. Just a quick call to 855.445.5617 will put you in touch with an expert Tour Consultant who will be happy to help you build a plan that ticks every box. 

It might feel far away now, but with Country Walkers in your corner, we’ll help you plan that bucket-list adventure—one step at a time. 

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