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Get to Know the Country Walkers Guide Trip Program

To many, the idea of taking time off from work to do exactly what you do in your day job might seem a bit...nuts. But when you’re a guide for Country Walkers, that prospect becomes a lot more appealing. And if that trip is free? Well, all the better. Our innovative Country Walkers Guide Trip Program allows our many intrepid trip leaders to enjoy a bit of R&R while experiencing a bit of the world they haven’t seen before. Guides like Ruth Hackney (who some might know from our Scotland: Isle of Skye trip), love having the opportunity to rack up some new experiences while seeing how their peers operate. “It’s great to get the chance to stand back and see how guests respond to the guides,” says Ruth, who joined the Peru: Machu Picchu and the Sacred Valley trip last year. Italy Guide Christopher Wellington (famed among our guests for leading the Cinque Terre and Piedmont trips) agrees: “you learn how each guide—in very different ways depending on their personality and knowledge—gives so much time and attention to the guests.”

Of course, sometimes, it’s great just to be a guest yourself: “My favorite part was just hiking through farmland with the Andes in the background,” Ruth tells us. “We ate lunch al fresco beside a field where farmers were hand threshing their grain. It was lovely!”

This year, three of our guides will take advantage of this phenomenal program. Those interested in joining them are welcome to do so. Next month, Spanish guide Joserra Combarra—who leads our Spain: Basque Country trip--will explore Sicily starting on April 21st. From July 7-13th, beloved Peruvian guide Juan Carlos Yanez (who leads the Peru trip that made such an impression on Ruth Hackney) will join our Italy: Cinque Terre trip. Finally, on July 24, Francesca Assandri, who usually guides in Italy, will join our Iceland Guided Walking trip.

Please contact us if you’d like to learn more about any of these departures!

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