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3 Reasons to Take an Active Honeymoon

Is someone you know planning a honeymoon? What better way to start a life together than by embarking on a one-of-a-kind shared adventure! While tropical resorts are oh-so-beautiful, they're also oh-so-generic. Getting active lets you make memories, share laughs, and discover new things together.

Our staff member John Zelig and his wife Kristen discovered this for themselves when they chose a Country Walkers Self-Guided tour (Italy: The Amalfi Coast) for their honeymoon earlier this year. Here are their top three reasons for taking an active honeymoon:

1. You bond through adventure.

Active honeymoons are the perfect option for outdoorsy couples like John and Kristen who want to do more on their honeymoon than relax.

"We were looking for a trip that would be a combination of activities," John said. "We didn't want to take a cruise or lounge on the beach all day."

After walking through wildflower fields in Sorrento or hiking the Path of the Gods on their way to Positano, John and Kristen shared a sense of achievement and experienced something beautiful together.

"What a great way to spend time with each other and connect over accomplishing a long walk-or dinner," John said.

A day spent napping in a pool chair just can't get you that same kind of satisfaction!

2. You get off the beaten path.

The Amalfi Coast tour allowed John and Kristen to take the roads less traveled and meet more locals than if they had gone on a traditional honeymoon. The highlights of their trip included those "up close and personal" moments when they met locals in shops, at restaurants, or out on the trails.

There was "beauty around every corner," Kristen said of the tour. "It was like having your Italian friend share their favorite hikes with you."

The self-guided nature of the tour lent itself well to what John calls "discovery moments," those times when you wander off the trail and find pleasant surprises.

"While on tour, go with the flow and don't worry about getting a bit lost or not speaking the language," he said.

3. You live the good life.

Contrary to what you might think, John and Kristen's active honeymoon allowed them to slow down and savor the pleasures of life. After a full day of hiking, they'd soothe their muscles at the hotel pool and unwind over a late dinner. While the tour was self-guided, there was an on-call Country Walkers representative who watched out for them, handling things behind the scenes and checking in with them periodically.

"After so much planning for our wedding, it was great to just have someone else do it all for you - from the detailed route notes, to the incredible hotels, to the transfers waiting for you at the end of a hike."

Marriage is a wonderful adventure, so why not take a honeymoon that reflects that? If you're interested in booking an active honeymoon, request a free Country Walkers catalog and learn more about other exciting destinations by clicking here, or speak with one of our Travel Experts by calling 800.234.6900. They are available Monday-Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. EST.

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