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Sunrise over lake Bled in Slovenia with mountains in the background
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On a Country Walkers Adventure, our local insight and insider perspective will show you…

…that no meal is complete without a serving of sachertorte (dark chocolate cake layered with fresh apricot jam) in Austria.

…what it’s like to wake up with elephants outside of your lodge in Botswana.

…how to identify edible plants and traditional medicines used by First Nations people in Canada.

…how to mix, bottle, and label your own custom wine blend in Chile.

…where to find the best views of Dubrovnik in Croatia atop the city’s medieval walls.

…that there’s no better way to fuel up for a walk in the Cotswolds or Lake District of England than with a full English breakfast.

…where to find the munkki—cardamom doughnuts—at Helsinki’s Market Square in Finland.

…how to gain a deeper appreciation for history on the beaches of Normandy in France.

…why white asparagus really is tastier in Germany, where Spargelzeit—asparagus season—is a time for celebration.

…where to find the best thermal spas in Hungary.

…how to pronounce “Borgarfjörður” when you visit the region in Iceland.

…which pubs have the best traditional music (and best local brews) in Ireland.

…how to make pasta from scratch in Italy.

…how to not get lost in the medinas of Marrakesh in Morocco.

…why New Zealand wines are in high demand around the world.

…why Peru is gaining a reputation as a must-visit culinary destination.

…where to catch an authentic fado performance in Portugal.

…how to dance along at a cèilidh in Scotland.

…which regional beers go best with your dinner in Slovakia.

…that the best way to experience Lake Bled in Slovenia is via traditional pletna boat.

…why barbecue (or braai as locals call it) is a way of life in South Africa

…where to find an authentic flamenco performance in Spain.

…that fika is more than a coffee break in Sweden, it’s a state of mind.

…how to properly enjoy fondue without dropping the bread in the caquelon in Switzerland.

…where to go to escape the National Park crowds in the United States.

…the true meaning of sundowners in Zambia.

…how to track game like a pro in Zimbabwe.


Three people walking on Danube vineyard in Croatia

On a walking adventure, you’ll experience the true nature of a place. It’s the vacation of a lifetime— and a journey unlike any other.

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