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Kana Hattori

Kana Hattori was born in Nagoya, raised in Kobe, and studied in Kyoto and the United States. A student of the traditional Tea Ceremony and the philosophy of Zen, living in the moment has always been a core tenet of her life. Kana loves to sing, regularly giving concerts, and is passionate about traditional Japanese culture. She looks forward to sharing her extensive knowledge with our guests through her guiding.


Kaoru Teshima

Kaoru Teshima was born in Kyoto, moved to Osaka, and, after 10 years living in London acting as a tourist, student, amateur flautist, and Japanese language tutor, she returned to Japan and currently lives in Nara. She has been guiding on a volunteer and professional basis for many years and considers the revered Tea Ceremony a valued hobby. In addition, she continues to teach Japanese and enjoys Latin dance.


Kozue Hisaoka

Born on the island of Kyushu, Japan, Kozue Hisaoka lived in the United States as an exchange student in high school and now resides in Tokyo. Kozue managed to plan and execute an impressive around-the-world trip with her family, fulfilling her passion for travel and exploring the cultures (and cuisine, especially!) outside her native Asia. When not introducing the nature and culture of Japan to visitors through her guiding, she enjoys cooking, cycling, gardening, and flower arranging.

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