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What’s Your Favorite Moroccan Food?


Moroccan cuisine is a dizzying blend of Arab spices, African traditions, and ancient nomadic cooking techniques. And while some might argue as to which delicious dish is the best, you can try them all on one of our trips to Morocco. Here’s a small taste of the flavors you’ll experience:

Baghrir » A semolina pancake traditionally served for breakfast with butter and preserves.

Batbout » Moroccan flatbread, comparable to pita, which is served with many meals.

Couscous » A staple dish of steamed semolina upon which stews and tagines are often served.

Harira » A Berber soup consisting of tomato, lentils, chickpeas, and savory spices. Traditionally accompanied by dates.

Harissa » A hot chili sauce used to flavor couscous, stews, and grilled meats.

Kaab El Ghazal » Crescent-shaped pastries filled with almond paste. Their name means “gazelle’s ankles,” a reference to their distinct shape.

Kefta » A seasoned meatball usually made of lamb or beef and often included in tagines.

Mint Tea » An essential gesture of Moroccan hospitality, green tea flavored with mint is served at virtually every social gathering in the country, usually prepared by the head of the family.

Tagine » A slow-cooked stew braised in an earthenware pot, usually including tender meat and aromatic vegetables.

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