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Self Guided Adventures

3 Major Wine Regions of North America

A truly great vintage is a pleasure unlike any other, and you don't need to visit Bordeaux, France, or Marlborough, New Zealand, to sample stellar varietals. Check out three of North America's greatest winemaking regions: California Dreamin' (About Sonoma County Wine) Sonoma and Napa Counties...

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ireland blog hero

Clocháns on Dingle Way: An Irish Tradition

Southwestern Ireland is, in many ways, the region of the country that informs many people's ideas about the Emerald Isle: a closeness with the sea, waves slamming up against rocky cliffs of verdant plains, a colorfully provincial and artistic local community. All of these are...

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Chilean fishermen

Dining from the Sea: Savor These 3 Chilean Seafood Delicacies

The rich and intriguing nature of Chile's history and society permeates all aspects of its culture, from the challenging and passionate literature of Isabel Allende to the robust flavors of Chilean red wines. The full breadth of the South American nation's cuisine, of course, is...

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Fall Adventure in Quebec

4 Reasons Why Our Tour Consultant Sheri Duff Loves Quebec

Quebec is a place steeped in history and culture, enchanting all who visit it - including Country Walkers Guest Services Representative Sheri Duff. [caption id="attachment_13563" align="alignnone" width="468"] Quebec: Quebec City & the Saguenay Fjord[/caption] Sheri joined a Country Walkers guided walking tour of Quebec in...

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Portugese grapes in the fall

3 Amazing Facts About Portugal

"The air of Portugal has a natural happiness in it," said H.G. Wells, and that's certainly true. Nestled along the western edge of the Iberian Peninsula, Portugal benefits from being neighbors with the ocean, its seafood, sun-soaked beaches, and fertile wine valleys unparalleled. [caption id="attachment_13558"...

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Iceland in Springtime

Top Reasons to Visit Iceland in the Spring

Spring is a time of new beginnings, when places awaken from the slumber of winter and come alive with a renewed sense of vitality. Iceland is no exception, and spring is one of the best times to visit this enchanting country. Let's take a closer...

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Italy's Piedmont - the land of truffles.

Truffle Hunting: The Inside Scoop on a Fascinating Tradition

In forests across Italy and Croatia, under the soft light of dawn or the darkness of night, excited searches for buried treasure are taking place. The nose of a highly trained dog twitches, and the leaves and ferns underfoot crunch as men and women race...

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France Normandy and Brittany

Haute-Cuisine in Northern France

When you join us on our France: Normandy & Brittany tour, one of the special highlights is the food and drink you'll enjoy: haute-cuisine perfected by generations. The region's latitude lends itself to superb cold-hardy foods like apples, while its proximity to the ocean lends access...

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Italy by Interest

The Best Italy Tour for Every Interest

From the Etruscan frescoes to medieval villages, Italy presents a staggering panorama of history, natural beauty, and culture—and we haven’t even made it to the Renaissance yet. It’s no wonder that travelers often feel overwhelmed trying to decide where to go here. Should you pick...

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Best Day Ever in Acadia

A Day on the Trail in Maine

Recently, I had the pleasure of joining Country Walkers for a Guided Walking trip in Maine’s Acadia National Park. As someone who spends his days helping put together Country Walkers award-winning trips—working with hotels, reserving rooms, etc.—it was a real pleasure to experience one for myself....

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