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Two Travel Lessons for 2022 from Our Guests

Two Travel Lessons for 2022 from Our Guests

Though there have been limited opportunities to travel over the last 18 months, our guests have had ample opportunities to talk about it. And while we’re always happy to reminisce with fellow travelers about past adventures, we’re amazed by how much our guests are looking to the future. To wit: 2022 bookings are coming in at a record pace. But as guests make plans with us for their next adventure, they’re also teaching us a couple of lessons about what’s shaping up to be a triumphant resurgence of travel.

Lesson #1: Embrace Your Inner Giddy Six-Year-Old

We’re touched that some of our guests become wistful as they share their past experiences with us. But when the conversation turns to future trips, excitement and eagerness take over. The pent-up demand to get back out there is palpable.

Like so many, Eunice Hamblen of Lighthouse Point, Florida, put her longtime Country Walkers habit on hold. “I have traveled with you every year for many years except this year and last year,” she says. It’s been a hard habit to break, and she can’t wait to take it up again when she shares the beauty and flavors of Normandy with her lifelong friend in [month]. “The American Cemetery at Omaha Beach always takes my breath away!”

Fellow Floridians Laura and Mark Herschberger of Pensacola are also dreaming of sumptuous local cuisine. They’re headed to Ecuador in March. After more than a year of social distancing, they say, “we’re looking so much forward to traveling in a small group again, making new friends, and sharing experiences. We’ve missed walking with exceptional tour guides on hikes that are extremely well-planned, with amazing food and wonderful accommodations. What a relief it will be to enjoy another relaxing, hassle-free adventure after all this time!”

Barbara Bienvenu of Philadelphia agrees. “I miss the camaraderie of hiking with people from around the country and I miss Country Walkers’ wonderful guides!” Though she has enjoyed some U.S. travel, she’s counting the days until her return to Europe, joining us in the Czech Republic in May.

Lesson #2: That “Early Bird” Adage Really Pays Off

Eunice, Barbara, and the Herschbergers are proof-positive that you can’t keep passionate travelers home for long. We can’t wait to welcome them and all our guests back!

Of course, they are just a minuscule sampling of the thousands who have booked their 2022 overseas Walking Adventures. And we’re so proud that more dedicated Country Walkers guests are reserving every day.

If you’d like to be among them, if you want to connect once again with the pure pleasures of exploring by foot and with the deeply felt rewards of experiencing local cultures in the most intimate way, you’ll want to reserve, too.

The Herschbergers may have said it best: “The pandemic reminded us that no one is guaranteed a tomorrow. Life is to be enjoyed. So get out and see the world.”

Put another way, the wait to explore the world again is over. And we’d hate to see you miss out on your preferred destination and departure date.

We can’t wait to see you back on the trail!

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