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How to Make the Most of Travel with Friends

They say, “if you want to know someone, walk a mile in their shoes”…but we’d settle for walking a mile by their side. Traveling with friends and family is one of the best ways to deepen relationships and make lifetime memories—those indelible moments that make you smile even 10 years later.

Our Group Travel Program helps you bring your bon amie on a Country Walkers adventure while enjoying special savings and extras—but that’s not all we have to offer your cohort. Since we created our tours to maximize the sociable pleasures of travel with a group, we know a few things about making the most of a vacation with friends. Here are a few of our top tips:

Set Clear Expectations.

Surprises and moments of serendipity are part of what makes travel great. But surprises among friends traveling together can be problematic. Take time before you make reservations to ensure that you and your friends agree about the destination and daily itinerary. Check that all travelers know what to pack—you don’t want someone arriving on a walking trip without comfortable shoes. Most important of all, agree on how money will be handled, including splitting the check at dinner. Of course, reserving a Country Walkers adventure will help you with all of these things—we provide detailed itineraries and packing lists.

Agree to a Schedule.

Are there early risers in your group? Night owls? Setting a rough schedule for each day will help keep people’s differing tendencies in sync. Don’t forget to build in downtime, so people can recharge in their own way. Once again, the structure of a Guided Walking Adventure helps do the heavy lifting for you: since the day’s agenda is set, you don’t have to worry about negotiating different styles. Even better, because we’ve fully vetted and planned the itinerary, you’ll never have too much crammed into one day.

Designate a Photographer.

Rather than winding up with six versions of the same shot for every highlight, many travelers choose to pick one person from their group to document their experience. That way, you can focus on your time together rather than the camera lens—and share the memories online when you get home.

Choose a Group Leader.

We’ve all had that experience with a group: an indecisive moment when no one wants to impose their preferences on the others and no one wants to take charge. Avoid this trap by selecting a “leader” who can focus decision making and drum up enthusiasm for the day’s activities. Our guides are experts at managing group dynamics, from facilitating conversations to ensuring that no one is left out.

Turn off the Phone.

One of the opportunities travel offers is to unplug from your phone or tablet and simply engage with the world around you. Don’t miss out! Your email and social media accounts will still be there when you get home…and you’ll have an experience worth posting about.

Plan on Time Apart.

One thing we’ve learned from our years creating shared experiences for people is that in order to enjoy the best times together, travelers need a few moments apart. That’s why we’ve intentionally built a lunch and/or dinner on your own into every tour—so guests may enjoy some time on their own before coming back together.

Share the Memories.

The fun doesn’t have to end when you arrive home! Schedule an informal “reunion” for a month or two after your trip ends (perhaps a dinner party, or a trip to a restaurant, or even some shared time on Zoom). This will allow you to reminisce about the experience, share pictures…and plan your next adventure!


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