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Travel Smarter with our Educated Guides

World travelers know that real education begins when you get out and explore the world. Whether you're strolling a mountain path in Austria or talking with a local in Vietnam, the insight you gain while abroad is invaluable.

Our guides will help you graduate to the next level. Along with being insiders in the regions where they guide, they're also experts in diverse academic fields from art history to wilderness survival. When you walk with them, you'll find that their knowledge enriches your experience.

Explore Vermont with Mark

An avid forager, Mark Kutolowski teaches wilderness survival skills at Dartmouth College. He makes his own medicines and delights in harvesting, preparing, and eating gourmet wild foods.

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Discover Italian History with Christopher

Though born in England, Christopher Wellington has lived in Italy for more than thirty years. A history graduate of Cambridge, he taught English and religion before becoming a guide.

Explore Italy »

Explore Irish Music with Pol

Irishman Pol O'Colmain is a guide, artist, musician, poet, story-teller, folklorist, and teacher. Pol has restored historic gardens, is fluent in Gaelic, and enjoys scuba diving in the Atlantic Ocean.

Enjoy Ireland »

Discover the Geology of the Dolomites with Claudia

Claudia Piombi-Barnabé infuses the Dolomites tour with her professional expertise in geology. Her knowledge and love of the mountains is matched only by her appreciation of the region's food. Under her tutelage, you will be awakened to the geological wonders of the Dolomites.

Delight in the Dolomites »

Learn about Japanese Tea Ceremonies with Kana

Kana Hattori was born in Nagoya, raised in Kobe, and studied in Kyoto and the United States. A student of the traditional Tea Ceremony and the philosophy of Zen, Kana loves to sing, regularly giving concerts, and is passionate about Japanese traditional culture.

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