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The Top 25 Traits of a Self-Guided Traveler

Since their debut in 2011, Self-Guided Walking Adventures have become incredibly popular among our guests. These unique tours provide off-the-beaten path experiences that offer both independence and the expertise and support of Country Walkers. Guests love being able to travel at their own pace, add optional walks and diversions, and rely on us for luggage transfers, route notes, hotel reservations, and exceptional dinners. Still, we understand that this style of travel isn’t for everyone. A Self-Guided Traveler is a special breed. What are they like? Here are 25 ways to tell these adventures are right for you.

Find Your Perfect Self-Guided Walking Adventure

  1. You have, or have considered acquiring, framed maps to decorate your walls.
  2. You love striking up conversations with locals.
  3. You get self-conscious when everyone from your group tour has to wait while you browse through a fabric shop or bakery.
  4. You prefer to take a different route to work whenever possible.
  5. You’re willing to drop everything to listen to a great busking musician.
  6. Creating a picnic spread from items found in a local market doesn’t just sound fun, it sounds delightful.
  7. To you, some side streets just insist on being explored.
  8. By the time you arrive at your destination, you’ve already learned a bit about its culture and history—finding out is part of the adventure.
  9. To you, a trip isn’t complete without having tasted the region’s best cuisine.
  10. When searching for a book in the library, you’d rather locate it yourself than ask a librarian for assistance.
  11. You’d rather meet locals than spend your day chatting with fellow travelers.
  12. You don’t like anyone telling you how fast to drink a cup of coffee or whether there’s time for dessert.
  13. Throwing out the day’s agenda to visit an Italian street festival or French farmers’ market sounds marvelous.
  14. Finding your way is part of the fun of travel.
  15. You’re always the last one ready to leave a beautiful view behind (or the first!).
  16. “Extra 2 mile loop (optional)” sounds like an appealing challenge to you.
  17. You’d prefer to sample all the cheeses in the cheese shop, not just one or two.
  18. Lug your own bags between hotels? No thank you!
  19. If you go to Spain, you’d like to discover the villages that guide books leave out, not just wander through Madrid with the tourists.
  20. You’re confident finding your way, but having a bit of backup (from detailed route notes to a 24/7 local representative) sounds comforting.
  21. You know just the people you’d like to travel with—strangers need not apply.
  22. Don’t speak the language? You’re happy to communicate with a phrase book, a few simple gestures, and a smile—it’s amazing how easy it can be!
  23. To you, tour groups can be a distraction.
  24. Your schedule is busy—you need to travel on days that work for your datebook.
  25. Sure, you’re an adventurer, but you’d like to know you’re staying somewhere comfortable each night.

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