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The Best Way to Pack Your Bags

Anyone’s who’s ever tried to cram one last bottle of Bordeaux into their duffle bag or strained to stuff an entire week’s worth of clothes into one carry-on knows the value of a well-packed bag. As an office of savvy travelers, we are downright obsessed with figuring out the best way to fill a suitcase. However, it seems that everyone has their own (sometimes contradictory) advice for how to do so. We polled a number of staff members to find out their tips, tricks, and favorite techniques. So, what’s the best way to pack your bags? You be the judge.

Tip #1

“I prefer to roll clothing. My aunt, retired from the U.S. Air Force, taught me this trick many years ago, and it works great for me. Not only does it really allow you to pack tightly, but it typically helps with wrinkling.”—Claire, Safaris Manager

Tip #2

“When it comes to belts, don’t bother rolling them. Instead, snake them around all the other items in your bag and then use them to compress everything. It really saves some space.”—Timo, President

Tip #3

“I use really large Ziplock bags for underwear and socks. If you can get all the air out of the bag before sealing (I roll around on it on the floor—imagine the visual on this one!), they pack up really small. Also, always leave room for a little Woolite to wash clothes while on tour.”—Chris, Tour Manager

Tip #4

“Whatever technique you choose, the best way to keep your clothes wrinkle free is to actually hang them up in your hotel room. Take a moment to pop them out of the suitcase and onto the hangers in your closet. Voila!”—Tricia, Senior Manager

Tip #5

“This might sound crazy, but it works: iron every single article of clothing before you fold them. They lay so much flatter.”—Amy, Trip Manager

Tip #6

“Take everything out that you think you’ll need for your trip. Look at it, then put half of it back. Enjoy traveling light, and then buy what you don’t have when you get there!”—Carolyn, Marketing Director

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