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The Allure of Self-Guided Travel

Self Guided Choices
Picture this: you’re crossing a wheat field dotted with brilliant red poppies. Before you, a medieval hilltop town of weathered stone swoops up into the sky. In the middle distance, a farmhand waves, beckoning you over to chat. A choice presents itself — do you press on to your planned destination or stop to find out where this conversation might take you.

On most traditional tours, this choice is no choice at all--the day’s agenda is set and detours are out of the question (though our exceptional local guides might make an exception to this rule). However, on a Self-Guided Adventure, the decision is, thrillingly, entirely in your hands.

The exhilarating freedom of choice is a huge part of the experience of a Self-Guided Walking Adventure. These tours give you the ability to shape your journey while still offering the seamless logistical support only Country Walkers can provide. And though we could rattle on about the services and systems that let us do that, we believe that the essence of these trips is best explained through the way you feel while on them.

Deep Engagement with the World Around You.

Self Guided Details
With no guides or distracting group to filter your experience through, the immediacy of your destination reigns supreme. Tiny details noticed while scanning for the next turn--age-old stone walls, Italian street signs, schoolchildren at play--register with you simply because you’re looking. Of course your detailed route notes help let you know exactly what to keep an eye out for--as well as suggesting points of interest, restaurants, and more.

A Sense of Accomplishment.

Accomplish More on a Self Guided Tour
For some people, “active travel” is a mental as well as physical ideal. Confirming directions with a local shopkeeper or pausing at a lookout to trace the next stretch of trail, you feel the excitement of navigating a new region. And when you arrive safely at the walk’s end point, the sense of accomplishment is palpable. While you’ll have 24/7 emergency support from our local rep, there’s an incredible confidence that comes from never needing to contact them.

The Allure of the Unknown.

around the next corner
What’s down that side street? What’s in that antique shop? Is that a fiddler you hear in the distance? Mystery lovers rejoice: on a Self-Guided Adventure, every question is an invitation. Though we provide all the support, you’re the author of your own adventure. And, in the end, each discovery you make is your own entirely unique memory.

Comfort at the Day’s End.

Comfort at Days End
Nothing complements a great time out exploring like a warm welcome at the day’s end. On a Self-Guided Adventure you don’t have to worry about whether your room will be ready or whether the inn you booked online looks anything like the pictures. Instead, simply stroll in the front door of your intimate, boutique accommodations and check into your waiting room. Since we select intimate inns and bed and breakfasts, you’ll often be able to chat with the owners about the day’s adventures if you wish. Best of all: your bags will be waiting for you--we transport them between hotels while you’re out walking.

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