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Presenting Traveler’s Journal, Country Walkers New Monthly Newsletter

As Country Walkers Staff Writer, I hear stories. They percolate in the staff kitchen as we sip our French roast—the Duomo under winter snow, a hike up the dunes on Namibia’s Skeleton Coast, the sound of the wind in Buddhist bamboo groves. I hear them on the phone with guests—a late night visit from an elephant in Kenya, seeing Yellowstone bison through the eyes of an awestruck grandchild, quiet moments spent reading poetry in the ruins of Machu Picchu. And, yes, I even tell them myself: the meal I shared with Quechua villagers in a Bolivian quinoa field, the mini-lesson in Catalán I received from a fruit vendor in Bísbal. Simply put, travel stories permeate the DNA of Country Walkers. They’re an ongoing perk of working here and the common language that knits our passion for travel together.

It’s because of these stories that we created our new monthly newsletter, Traveler’s Journal. Each issue carries a trio of travel experiences, images, ideas, or impressions that we’ve found meaningful. We’re convinced that you will too.

As the editor of this new newsletter, I invite you to enjoy our assortment of stories and sketches. Every time we travel—whether it’s around the world to Halong Bay or up the road to a favorite hiking spot—our horizons are literally broadened. When someone shares their travel stories with us, it feels much the same way. It’s the belief of all of us at Country Walkers that travel stories enrich and deepen our experiences. We hope you’ll feel that way too. And that Traveler’s Journal will add a pinch of saffron to your internet routine. Enjoy.

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