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Mauro’s Top Tips for Independent Exploration on the Amalfi Coast 2
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Mauro’s Top Tips for Independent Exploration on the Amalfi Coast

Country Walkers Guided Adventures have some built in time for independent discovery, when travelers can break away from the group and explore on their own. Not sure what you want to see or do? That’s what our guides are for!

They’re not just there to show you the way on the trail; our guides are experts in the destinations we visit, and are always more than happy to recommend hidden attractions, help you make a reservation at the best restaurant in town, or point you in the direction of a local market. We asked Country Walkers guide Mauro Chiummo to talk us through some of the things he recommends for independent discovery on the Italy: Pompeii, Capri & the Amalfi Coast adventure, and he had a lot to say!

Mauro’s Top Tips for Independent Exploration on the Amalfi Coast 4

Mauro began on day three of the tour, when guests have free time in the afternoon and evening to explore Ravello and its iconic cliffside gardens. He recommends a visit to one (or both) of Ravello’s famous villas, Villa Rufolo and Villa Cimbrone, to wander the gardens and take in the stunning views of the Mediterranean. “The guides on this tour always recommend this, the villas are so beautiful we consider it almost mandatory to experience them,” Mauro jokes.

For guests with an interest in history, Mauro points them towards the town’s 11th century Duomo. His other favorite thing to do in Ravello? 

“Just stroll the nice pedestrian city center and mingle with the locals. You might even get a chance to crash a wedding party; Ravello is known as ‘the town of weddings!’”

Day six of the adventure includes some free time to explore Sorrento, another one of Mauro’s favorite destinations. “Guests have the opportunity to relax and enjoy the hotel facilities like the private beach, spa, or tennis court,” he explains. Those who want to explore the city can stroll through the old city center and visit its many ancient churches. “Just off the main piazza is the hidden Dominova Seat, dating from the Middle Ages when nobility assembled here to discuss the affairs of the town.”

“There are also some great museums here. The Museo-Bottega della Tarsia Lignea is dedicated to the history of inlaid wood craftsmanship,” Mauro says. A treat for anyone with an interest in woodworking or fine design, the museum houses a rich collection of inlaid wooden furniture from the 19th century. Mauro also recommends the Museo Correale, which houses valuable collections of Capodimonte ceramics, works by 17th and 18th century Neapolitan painters, and an archeological collection. Had your fill of museums? No problem! 

“Of course, I always recommend a visit to the Fattoria Terranova farm shop for a free Limoncello tasting!”

Want to experience a Guided Adventure for yourself? You can meet Mauro or our other local guides on the Italy: Pompeii, Capri & the Amalfi Coast tour, or check out our other Flex-Guided Adventures!

Mauro’s Top Tips for Independent Exploration on the Amalfi Coast

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