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Four Group-Travel Stereotypes We’re Putting in the Rearview Mirror 3
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Four Group-Travel Stereotypes We’re Putting in the Rearview Mirror

Group travel has evolved quite a bit over the years. While you can still find the old-fashioned group trip where everyone piles onto a bus and follows a lone guide holding up a sign through a whirlwind tour of an area’s top five attractions, you now have other options. The rise of experiential travel has made room for meaningful travel experiences in a group setting.  

Here are four group travel stereotypes we’re putting in the rearview mirror:

1) There’s No Room for Spontaneity

Stop to chat with a sheep farmer on the trail in Ireland. Duck into a charming cafe as you pass through a small village in France. Ask your expert local guide to point you towards that hidden cove she mentioned earlier and stop for a quick swim. Choose the longer walking route in the afternoon to savor the Italian countryside, or hop in the support van and head back to relax by the pool at your boutique hotel. It’s your vacation, spend it how you like!

2) You’ll Spend the Whole Time on a Bus

Exploring a destination on foot allows you to connect with the people, landscape, and culture on a whole new level. You won’t be watching the world go by through the window, you’ll be immersed in it. Rather than being based on a bus, our adventures are created with strategic transfers that minimize your time in transport and maximize your time outside experiencing your destination.

3) You’ll Have the Same Experience as Everybody Else

When you get home from your adventure, you won’t just have photos of the top attractions at your destination. You’ll have stories of home-hosted meals, trinkets you picked up from a local craft fair, memories of wildlife sightings, generations-old recipes from your cooking class, and new friends to keep in touch with.

4) You’ll Only Scratch the Surface of Your Destination 

We help you get to the heart of your destination. Our insider knowledge takes you farther and gives you a more authentic experience than you could have on your own. Our expert local guides haven’t just read about our destinations, they live there. You’ll get the benefit of their experience as they pass on restaurant recommendations, point you towards hidden gems, and introduce you to local friends.

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Four Group-Travel Stereotypes We’re Putting in the Rearview Mirror 2

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