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Five Senses: Machu Picchu

See: The restored ruins of Machu Picchu. Surreal and ethereal, the massive archaeological wonder sits atop dramatic cliffs, inspiring many thoughts about how the ancient civilization built and lived in this place.

Hear: The Andean flutes as you walk in the trail, the river running below Machu Picchu town, the silence during our sunrise visit to the ruins.

Taste: Trout from the rivers, alpaca steak, guinea pig, quinoa (called quinotto), either in a pasta-like salad, or in a fancy quinoa risotto. Or try pisco sour (Peru’s national drink), passion fruit mousse, or passion fruit pisco sour.

Smell: The soil beneath your feet, earthy and esteemed.

Touch: The cold surface of the huge rocks. Oh, if they could talk …

Sound inviting? See the details of our Peru: Machu Picchu & the Sacred Valley adventure.

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