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Everything You Need to Know About Walking Poles

On your Country Walkers Adventure, you’re provided with a pair of high quality walking poles that will be yours for the duration of the tour. Our walking poles feature comfortable grips, adjustable lengths, and sturdy tips. Your guides will provide a short introduction to the poles and explain how to adjust them and use them on tour. 

Watch Country Walkers Guide Katrin talk you through the basics of using walking poles on tour, then check out everything you need to know before using walking poles below!

What Are the Benefits of Walking Poles?

Walking poles provide stability and take the pressure off your hips, knees and lower back. They can also help to strengthen your upper body and triceps, and improve posture.

What Terrain is Best Trekked with Poles?

Hilly and uneven trails are the perfect places to use walking poles. You can use poles on both soft and rocky ground—anywhere you could use some extra support and stability

How Do You Size Poles?

Turn the pole upside down and grip it under the basket. Your elbow should be at 90 degrees for the correct fit. Adjustable poles are the best way to get the perfect custom fit.

What Should You Look for in a Walking Pole?

You want to make sure you have a comfortable grip. Poles should be light but sturdy. Adjustability and interchangeable baskets will help your poles be useful in a variety of seasons and conditions. 

When Should You Use Poles?

Poles are great if you’re hiking in hilly or uneven terrain, or want to take strain off your knees and hips. You can also use poles any time you want to get an upper body workout while walking.

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