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Good things happen when you put Country Walkers Select Experiences together. Though each of these trips is great on its own, you can get some unforgettable extras when you combine them. For instance: on our Dubrovnik + Kotor Recommended Combined itinerary, traveling between destinations affords you the opportunity to stop in the tiny city of Perast. And that’s a spot worth seeing.

Smack in the center of Montenegro’s fjord-like Bay of Kotor, Perast looks out on a spectacular network of narrow gulfs and towering capes. As if all that natural beauty weren’t enough, the tiny town has added its own distinctive touch to the region: the manmade island of Gospa od Škrpjela. This quirky feature—its name means “Our Lady of the Rocks”—was reputedly built over centuries by local sailors who threw rocks into the water at a spot where the Virgin Mary was said to have appeared. Now, the island plays host to (what else?) a church. You can contribute a rock or two of your own on an independent exploration of this unforgettable city.

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