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7 Things You Don’t Need to Buy for a Walking Tour

Getting ready for a walking tour? Here’s a helpful list of what you won’t need to purchase before you hit the trail.

7 Things You Don’t Need to Buy for a Walking Tour

Getting ready for a walking tour? It’s easy to feel daunted by a seemingly endless list of travel gear that you can buy. And while some people find a pre-trip shopping spree to be fun, for others it can be a source of anxiety. We’re here to help. Before you buy, be sure you’re aware of what supplies and services the tour company includes. And give careful consideration to other purchases. A little forethought and knowledge might save you some cash…and some luggage space.


Of course, we know there are plenty of hikers who prefer to travel with their own personal gear. Don’t let us stop you! But if you’d rather save some time, energy, and money, here’s a helpful list of what you won’t need to purchase before you hit the trail.


Walking poles. Many tour operators, including Country Walkers, distribute light-weight telescopic walking poles to guests upon arrival. You can adjust them to your height and comfort level and you’ll appreciate their easy-grip handles. They can be indispensable when you need that additional support on unfamiliar terrain.


Snacks for the road. Each morning, we make sure you’re well-stocked with high-octane snacks. Whether you’re nibbling on locally grown fruits, on treats prepared by your innkeeper, or on protein bars from a nearby grocer, we keep you energized. And we often arrange stops along the trail for tasty respites.


Destination guide books. If you want to pack a little lighter, leave the heavy books at home. Your guides will know the ins and outs of the area intimately – especially if they are Country Walkers guides, all of whom call your destination home. They’ll point you toward remarkable sites that aren’t in the books.


Maps. If you’re on a Country Walkers Guided Tour or Self-Guided Tour, you’ll receive detailed maps and route notes that include plenty of pointers and destination insight. You’ll never have to wrestle with a cumbersome fold-out map, and you’ll never get lost.


Restaurant guides. You’ll have plenty of local restaurant recommendations at your fingertips, from pubs and delis to high-end fine food. On a Guided Tour, your guide will point out his or her favorites spots to eat or grab a take-away lunch. If you’re on a Self-Guided Tour, you’ll receive tips in your trip materials, and your hosts and locals you meet along the way won’t be shy about reserving a table for you at their favorite place.


Fancy clothes. When you travel with us, you’ll be in the company of genuine like-minded walkers who like to keep things simple. Unless you’re planning to enjoy a meal on your own at an exclusive, high-end restaurant, plan to pack casual, everyday clothing. You’ll be quite comfortable during all of our planned activities and meals.


Brand new walking shoes. If you plan to buy new shoes or boots specifically for your trip, be sure you break them in well before you depart. Believe us … you don’t want to contend with the discomfort of breaking in a new pair while you’re trying to savor the scenery.

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