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4 Questions Every Savvy Traveler Should Ask

As you develop a vision of your ideal walking vacation, we’re sure you’ll have a million questions—so we’ve compiled a few answers to questions we think every savvy traveler should ask.

4 Questions Every Savvy Traveler Should Ask

Choosing a travel company is a big decision. The prospect of unwittingly entrusting your cherished vacation to a lowbrow operator providing chintzy accommodations, mass-manufactured sightseeing trips, and non-stop hidden costs is every traveler’s nightmare. Before you book a tour, you want to know where you’re going to find the most comfortable hotels, picturesque walks, and the best opportunities to experience authentic local culture. It’s important to know you’re in good hands—from the moment you book your trip, through all the lovely seaside strolls, elegant candlelit dinners, and sunsets on the veranda—all the way to the moment you land in your home city with a suitcase full of mementos and a wealth of tales to tell. And as you develop a vision of your ideal walking vacation, we’re sure you’ll have a million questions. Thus, we’ve compiled a few answers to questions we think every savvy traveler should ask—and we invite you to give us a call at 877.932.6407 with some questions of your own.

How Do I Get from Here to There?

First thing’s first—you have to get from your front door to your destination. Many travel companies leave you to arrange your own transportation, but with a Country Walkers Flight + Tour Combo we’ll work with top airlines to find low fares and great itineraries—and we’ll pass the savings on to you. We also include transportation to your first hotel, a friendly face to meet you when you arrive, and extra hotel nights. In short, all you have to do is make it to your flight on time—then let us take care of the rest! With just one phone call to Country Walkers, you’ll enjoy the convenience – and the value – of reserving a seamless journey.

Will I Discover Things I Couldn’t Find on My Own?

Many companies use American guides to lead tours all over the world. But in our view, it takes a local guide to show you the authentic culture that goes beyond standard guidebooks. Country Walkers guides live in the regions where they lead—so they have lots of local connections. Your local guide might bring you to an ancient cortijo where they know an old-timer who’s been working the olive press his entire life—or maybe they’ll bring you into the kitchen of a family who loves to perform traditional folksongs. Perhaps they’ll lead you to a charming, whitewashed cottage where you’re greeted with a warm smile by the very grandmother who fondly prepares her torta della nonna just for them. When you walk with us, we’ll introduce you to our friends around the world—and we think those experiences are what set Country Walkers head and shoulders above the rest.

What Does That Four-Star Hotel Rating Really Mean?

Lots of travel companies brag about their four-star hotels, but we think these ratings are poorly defined and don’t guarantee quality. That’s why we work hard to get to know the accommodations on Country Walkers tours—turning down the sheets, testing the hot water, and sampling the breakfast. We rigorously inspect every hotel for 23 criteria that have everything to do with you… and nothing to do with how they rate on an industry scoreboard. And not every so-called “four-star” hotel makes the cut! We designate all our hotel partners “Country Walkers Approved Accommodations” because that means the hotel met our high standards—not theirs.

What Kind of Adventures Will I Have?

At Country Walkers, our expert Tour Designers know their regions intimately—they tread every path to ensure the walks are scenic, well-paced, and showcase the region’s best features. Local Country Walkers guides know all the hidden treasures you’ll find along the trail—like the granite dolmen with prehistoric carvings, or a view of nesting ospreys along a high ridge. This is nothing like watching the world go by through a bus window—this is a vacation you can feel. Our Guided Adventures feature an unhurried walking pace with pauses for built-in cultural experiences and free time. Our Self-Guided Adventures let you set the pace, with ample behind-the-scenes support and detailed maps and route notes.

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