Spain: Barcelona to the Costa Brava
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Guided – Full Adventures

An exclusive, curated adventure with like-minded travelers.

Don’t Just Watch the Local Color. Become Part of It.

Traveling on foot pushes you to experience life in new and delightful ways. Let our insider expertise broaden your horizons.

Locally Sourced Guides

It’s easier to find local treasures when a local treasure leads the way. Every Country Walkers guide is proud to introduce you to their secret lunch spots, hidden lookouts, and friends in the community. Many are accomplished photographers, historians, musicians, or geologists–providing distinctive perspectives.

A Taste for the Finer Things

Rooftop heated pool in Morocco? Check. Fresh salmon grilled under the stars in Vancouver Island? No problem. Whale watching from your room in South Africa? We’ve got you covered. A warm welcome awaits you no matter where you travel.

You Enjoy the Destination. We Handle All the Logistics.

For over 40 years, we’ve accumulated an endless supply of local travel knowledge. And everything we’ve learned is put to work for you. The result? More discoveries and fewer headaches. More memories and less worries. Our one overarching objective: make the world easy for you to access and enjoy.

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