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Top Tours for Wine Lovers

From age-old oak casks in medieval castles to lively vintners working in their fields, wine is delicious entree into the culture and history of a region.

You don’t have to be an oenophile—that is, a wine connoisseur—to appreciate the unique places that great wine can take you. From intriguing conversations with the sommelier at a local ristorante to walks in sun-dappled fields of bounteous grape arbors, a glass of Prosecco or pinot noir can provide surprising insights into the character of a destination. Country Walkers is proud to include local beer and wine with dinner on all of our tours, but there are a few itineraries that especially showcase the best vintages of a region. Here’s a toast to our favorite wine destinations.

Self-Guided Walking California Wine Tour
North America

California: The Wine Country

Napa and Sonoma are the epicenter of California’s renowned wine revolution. Discover the sophisticated Western culture of these sleepy valleys, enjoying daily wine tastings at acclaimed vineyards and exploring the surrounding backcountry on foot. Tour Details
Guided Walking New Zealand Wines

New Zealand: The South Island

A relative newcomer to the world wine scene, New Zealand’s Otago region is making a splash with its complex pinot noirs and crisp sauvignon blancs. You’ll have ample opportunities to taste the future of fine wine while exploring here. Tour Details
Guided Walking croatia wine

Croatia: The Istrian Peninsula

Croatian wine is not widely celebrated in the United States. But overseas, where Europeans know that Croatia enjoys a similar Mediterranean climate to Italy, the old world wine is considering to be among the best the continent has to offer. Enjoy the fruits of this flourishing wine industry with your included dinners and at a tasting of Croatia’s top wines from the Kozlović winery. Tour Details
Guided Walking Slovenian Wines

Slovenia: Julian Alps to the Adriatic

Here’s a surprising fact: Slovenia’s history of wine cultivation predates Spain’s, Germany’s and even France’s. Delight in the fruits of that tradition as you sample the extensive wine cellars of world-renowned restaurants and explore a vineyard in the country’s wine region. Tour Details
Self-Guided Walking Delicious Catalonian Wines

Spain: Catalonia & the Costa Brava

Though the Rioja region may get all the press, Catalonia has quietly established itself as one of the top wine regions in the world. Sample Catalan wine during multi-course meals and during a visit to a local winery. Tour Details