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Category: Explorations
Japan: Kyoto, Nara & the Kumano Kodo

Get To Know Your Geisha: 4 Facts About This Japanese Tradition

Japan has an undeniably rich history - from its feudal-era scroll paintings to the neon-lit youth culture in its bustling cities today. Some older aspects of Japanese society, however, bear complicated legacies that are often misunderstood by gaijin, or outsiders. This is especially true of...

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4 Exotic Animals Found Along the Okavango Delta

Some places in this world showcase utterly breathtaking natural wonders, the likes of which will awe even the most jaded observers and give them a true sense of Earth's biodiversity. The Okavango Delta in Botswana, near the border of Zambia, is one such locale. Part...

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Find Your Zen in Japan 2018

Finding Your Zen in Japan

If your resolution in 2018 is to cultivate more inner calm, there's no better place to go than Japan. Though some might associate the country with the futuristic energy of its major cities, it is also a place built on a profound tradition of self-care,...

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European cities that inspired famous artists - Prague

Three European Cities That Inspired World-Renowned Painters

If a picture says a thousand words, then many European cities must have some lengthy tales to tell. Artists throughout history have considered the Continent a muse—let's take a closer look at three cities in particular that have inspired world-renowned painters: 1. Syracuse, Italy Surrounded...

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Croatia Istria Ruins

Twenty Centuries of Istrian History

Since ancient times, when Roman conquerors came to Istria and, ahem, made themselves right at home, travelers have loved this beguiling peninsula. And no wonder: this heart-shaped pearl of land embraced by the Adriatic Sea harbors countless delights, including charming medieval towns, beautiful national parks,...

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The Charming and magical Czech Republic

Our Favorite Czech Traditions

For most travelers, the Czech Republic conjures images of massive palace complexes, medieval towns, and ancient old-world forests. But while the country’s cities and monuments are sweeping in historic grandeur, there’s another aspect of the country that shouldn’t be overlooked. As guests on our popular...

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Tales from the Trail: Four Highlights from our Italy: Sicily Guided Walking Trip

Recently, I had the pleasure of joining Country Walkers Guided Walking trip in Sicily, Italy. As a professional guide myself, it was wonderful to experience the world from the “guest” side of things. The trip itself was unforgettable—doubtlessly the vacation of my life. Here are...

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