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The Best Vacation You Didn’t Spend Time Planning

If you’ve ever planned your own vacation from soup to nuts, you know the truth: it’s not as easy as it looks. That’s why having Country Walkers in your corner is a huge advantage—because we do the work for you!

If you’ve ever planned your own vacation from soup to nuts, you know the truth: it’s not as easy as it looks. That’s why having Country Walkers in your corner is a huge advantage—because we do the work for you! Our dedicated teams of experienced trip designers and route managers are out there tramping the trails—finding the best walks with spectacular scenery and rich wildlife. We also put every hotel through a rigorous evaluation—turning down the sheets, checking the water pressure, and sampling the breakfast to make sure everything is up to snuff. Once you book your Country Walkers adventure, all the work is off your shoulders—and onto ours.

Included Airfare Makes It Easy

Country Walkers is one of the few active adventure companies that offers included Air Packages—and it’s one reason planning a Country Walkers vacation is so easy! With our Air Packages, you won’t have to spend hours online searching for cheap, non-refundable fares with dodgy airlines you’ve never heard of. Instead, just one call to Country Walkers, and we’ll get to work—designing the best flight itinerary to suit your needs with top international carriers. We can also customize your flights for different arrival and departure cities—so if you want to extend your travels and take a jaunt on your own to Copenhagen or meet up with your college roommate for a weekend in Venice, we can put together a customized itinerary to make that happen.

We know plans can change—when you purchase a Country Walkers Air Package, you often have flexibility to make changes to your flight itinerary up to 100 days before your departure date. So, even if you don’t yet know that your favorite nephew is getting married in Paris next summer, once he finally gets around to sending out those (rather late) invitations, we’ll hunt down the best available flights to make your revised itinerary work. We also offer excellent travel protection plans to give you the peace of mind of knowing you’re covered—even if something unexpected happens.

Friendly Guides with the Inside Scoop

When you join a Country Walkers guided tour, you’ll be accompanied by two expert guides who live in the locations where they guide—and they’re incredible resources for learning regional customs, practicing idiomatic phrases, and even introducing you to some of their friends. Along the way, they’ll regale you with ancient folklore, help you find the perfect spot to take a jaw-dropping photo, point out can’t miss gelaterias, and provide endless fun and good humor. Looking for the most authentic pint of lager in Chipping Campden? Your English guides know just where to go. Wondering what goes into a Galician queimada? Your Spanish guides have all the answers. Looking for the best vintages in Portugal’s Douro River Valley—without breaking the bank? Your Portuguese guides will point you towards superlative hidden vineyards that aren’t in the guidebooks. Whatever your personal interests, your Country Walkers guides are delighted to bring those experiences to life.

Places You Wouldn’t Find on Your Own

Our full-time international staff is comprised of top-notch adventurers and hospitality managers who live in Costa Rica, the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Slovenia, and Spain—and they know a lot of local people. This is how we find the home-hosted events and cultural experiences Country Walkers vacations are known for—and it’s also how we discover those off-the-beaten-path walking paths and authentic local restaurants far from the tourist circuit. Whether you’re dreaming of dancing under the stars at a seaside Croatian konoba, savoring fresh Greenshell mussels on a cruise through New Zealand’s Marlborough Sound, or discovering the colorful magic of Sicilian donkey cart painting in Ragusa Ibla, our network of local connections brings it all to life.

So, why spend countless hours planning your vacation? Book a Country Walkers adventure, and we’ll do the work for you!

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