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24 Ways to Be More Sustainable At Home or On the Trail 3
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24 Ways to Be More Sustainable At Home or On the Trail

At Country Walkers, responsible tourism is integral to our core values. In all ways we strive to preserve indigenous cultures, support local economies, conserve wildlife, and protect the environment. When you travel with us, you’ll contribute to a more sustainable world too.

Here are some of our favorite ways to be more sustainable, whether you’re at home or out exploring a new destination:
  1. Take the Stairs. Not only will you save energy by not powering up the elevator, you’ll be sneaking in some valuable conditioning for your next Country Walkers adventure.
  2. Pack a Reusable Straw. For convenience and sustainability, whether you’re visiting a new country or your local coffee shop.
  3. Switch to Refillable Toiletry Containers. Not just for your carry-on! Invest in full-sized reusable containers that you can fill with everything from dish soap to shampoo at bulk goods stores.
  4. Eat Local. We don’t just live by this tenet on tour. Seek out local producers for year-round sustainable eating.
  5. Donate Your Old Devices. When you’re ready to upgrade, donate your old phone or tablet to a local school or shelter.
  6. Spend Time Outside. No electricity required.
  7. Practice Your Sewing Skills. Extend the life of your favorite clothing by patching small holes and tears.
  8. Leave No Trace. Pack out any trash you bring with you when you venture outside.
  9. Ditch the Plastic Wrap. Try sustainable options like reusable wraps and glass containers instead—great for both at home and on the road.
  10. Stick to the Trail. We love to get off the figurative beaten path, but it’s important to stick to marked trails when hiking to protect local flora and fauna and reduce your contribution to erosion.
  11. Make Your Own Cleaning Supplies. Environmentally friendly alternatives like vinegar, lemon juice, and baking soda can tackle many clean up jobs around the house.
  12. Layer Up. Reach for a sweater or a pair of thick socks before you turn the heat up.
  13. Organize a Carpool. Share rides to work, your weekly book club, or the grocery store.
  14. Hang Clothes to Dry. Skip the drier and hang clothes outside in the warmer months.
  15. Turn Off the Lights. Open your shades during the day, and turn off lights when you leave the room.
  16. Walk Whenever You Can. Whether you’re strolling through a market in Provence, or walking to the corner store in your hometown.
  17. Compost Food Scraps. Set up a backyard bin, or look for local pick-up services.
  18. Grow Your Own Herbs and Veggies. All you need is a sunny windowsill.
  19. Stash Reusable Bags Everywhere. The glove box, your purse, a coat pocket…you never know when you’ll need a bag.
  20. Shop Local. Support local vendors and artisans, both at home and while traveling.
  21. Cook More. Skip the takeout containers and enjoy more meals at home.
  22. Organize a Book Swap. Pass your favorite reads along to friends, and maybe discover a new favorite author in the process.
  23. Join a Community Garden. Make new friends and grow your own produce.
  24. Buy Experiences, Not Things. The memories will last a lifetime.


Learn more about our sustainable travel initiatives.


24 Ways to Be More Sustainable At Home or On the Trail 2

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