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How to Choose the Right Vacation

From spring wildflowers on the Amalfi Coast to autumn colors in Vermont, there are so many spectacular things in our world to experience. Trying to decide where to go first can be overwhelming, but fortunately we’re here to help.

Don’t let uncertainty keep you from enjoying the trip of a lifetime! If you’re not sure what trip you’d like to book, don’t worry. By asking yourself the right questions—and eliminating tours that don’t meet your criteria—it’s easy to figure out where to go.

  1. How much do you want to be in control? For certain travelers, the prospect of letting someone else figure out the day’s agenda is ideal. If that sounds like you, we’d recommend our small-group Guided tours. However, if you like the freedom to set and tweak the day’s agenda—and choose your traveling companions—you may prefer a Self-Guided tour.
  2. How active do you want to be? One of the most important decisions is selecting a trip that matches your ideal activity level. Our guests have a broad range of abilities, interests, and preferences when it comes to walking. To ensure that a trip is right for you, we've been careful to closely define the activity level and terrain. So you can take it easy if you'd like...or push your limits in a new landscape.
  3. How far from home do you want to travel? Depending on your schedule and lust for adventure, you may want to select a destination closer to home—or enjoy an epic trip to the far side of the world. Determining how far is “too far” can help you focus your search.
  4. Do you want something familiar or entirely new? For some, travel is all about the discovery of something they’ve never experienced before—a unique dish, a different landscape, a distinctive tradition. Others prefer a vacation that’s more about pure relaxation; a more familiar culture presents fewer surprises.

Now that you’ve got a clearer idea of what you want. It’s time to begin the process of elimination. By browsing through our catalog (you can request one here) and discarding tours that don’t match your criteria, you’ll find yourself much closer to making a decision.

Still undecided? Talk to someone who’s been there. Our Tour Consultants travel regularly and help countless traveler’s decide on their next trip. They are happy to help you identify which tours match your interests. Call them at 800.234.6900 and find your dream vacation today.

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