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How to Choose the Best Walking Shoes

You could be walking along the most beautiful trail in the world—nothing but sweeping sea views below and cloudless blue sky above—but if your feet aren’t enjoying the stroll, chances are you won’t either. Proper footwear isn’t just important to making the most of a...

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buy those shoes

How to Choose the Best Walking Shoes

Costa Rica Southern Rainforest

The Top 25 Traits of a Self-Guided Traveler

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How to Make the Most of Travel with Friends


Five Sights That Make Japan’s Nara Park So Remarkable

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National Park by the Numbers

The National Park Service By The Numbers

18 Surprising Facts about the National Park Service Last year, the National Park Service celebrated 100 years of advocacy, education, and conservation—a proud tradition that has safeguarded our parks and monuments for generations. While that number is certainly impressive, it’s not the only compelling statistic...

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Ireland County Wicklow

The Best of Dingle Bay, Ireland

In the Harbour of Dingle in County Kerry, Ireland—where I was lucky enough to enjoy a Self-Guided Walking trip with my husband last month—there’s a resident dolphin who has become a bit of a celebrity. Named Fungie, he is quite literally omnipresent, popping up on...

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The Allure of Self Guided Adventures

The Allure of Self-Guided Travel

Picture this: you’re crossing a wheat field dotted with brilliant red poppies. Before you, a medieval hilltop town of weathered stone swoops up into the sky. In the middle distance, a farmhand waves, beckoning you over to chat. A choice presents itself — do you...

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Portugal Douro Valley

Why Savvy Travelers Want to
Go to Portugal

If you’ve been perusing top travel publications in the last year (and, let’s face it, we have), you’re likely to have noticed one country making frequent headlines: Portugal. Crowned one of the top places to travel in 2016 by Afar Magazine, the tiny Iberian nation...

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CW Safari Adventures

The Best African Safari for Every Interest

It may seem obvious, but it bears repeating: Africa is big. A behemoth on the map, it could comfortably fit the United States, China, India, and all of western Europe within its borders. With a population of over 1.2 billion, it hosts a dazzling 2,100...

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