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How to Choose the Best Walking Shoes

You could be walking along the most beautiful trail in the world—nothing but sweeping sea views below and cloudless blue sky above—but if your feet aren’t enjoying the stroll, chances are you won’t either. Proper footwear isn’t just important to making the most of a...

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How to Choose the Best Walking Shoes

Costa Rica Southern Rainforest

The Top 25 Traits of a Self-Guided Traveler

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How to Make the Most of Travel with Friends


Five Sights That Make Japan’s Nara Park So Remarkable

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France Normandy and Brittany

Haute-Cuisine in Northern France

When you join us on our France: Normandy & Brittany tour, one of the special highlights is the food and drink you'll enjoy: haute-cuisine perfected by generations. The region's latitude lends itself to superb cold-hardy foods like apples, while its proximity to the ocean lends access...

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Vancouver Island

5 Reasons to Explore Vancouver Island

Just a 90 minute ferry ride from the Canadian mainland, Vancouver Island presents a time-forgotten world of towering cedar groves, quirky fishing villages, and craggy coastline. Though historically overlooked by world travelers, in recent months the destination has received major accolades from vaunted publications like...

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Beautiful Birds of Georgia

Birding Hot Spots of Georgia’s Golden Isles

Georgia’s Golden Isles—a string of barrier islands basking in the Atlantic sunlight just north of Florida—have much to commend them. From the aristocratic splendor of Victorian country estates and Civil-War forts to miles of protected beaches, wetlands, and coastal forest, it’s a naturalist and history...

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Croatia Istria Ruins

Twenty Centuries of Istrian History

Since ancient times, when Roman conquerors came to Istria and, ahem, made themselves right at home, travelers have loved this beguiling peninsula. And no wonder: this heart-shaped pearl of land embraced by the Adriatic Sea harbors countless delights, including charming medieval towns, beautiful national parks,...

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Sri Lanka Mists

A Letter from Sri Lanka

Ayubowan. In Sri Lanka, the traditional Sinhala greeting means “May you live longer,” but it’s hard to think of years as really passing here. Though only a scant 18 miles from the Indian mainland, this island nation has a timeless and tranquil quality fully at...

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