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Tours By Terrain

Tours that Let You Walk the Way You Want

Everyone has their own ideal walk. From invigorating hikes on craggy mountain trails to blissful strolls on seaside footpaths, the type of terrain that sends the heart singing can vary. And while we try to accommodate everyone on our tours, we understand that one person’s delightful jaunt might be another’s “bump in the road.”

To help you plan your next adventure, we’ve sorted some of our most popular tours by the primary terrain you’ll encounter. It’s important to note that most of our tours have a variety of terrains, so if you’re looking for something specific, we encourage you to speak with our Tour Consultants.

Flat Broad Paths

For travelers hoping for an easy ramble—or rehabbing a tweaked joint—ambling along flat paths is ideal. If your ideal walk is about the landscape, not the terrain, consider one of these tours:

Georgia: Savannah & the Golden Isles

New Brunswick: Bay of Fundy

Spain: Camino de Santiago

Rocky Trails

If you love an invigorating climb—preferably with a great view—these tours are for you. Uneven terrain, scrambles over rocks, and rooted tracks are all part of the fun…plus you get to make good use of your trekking poles.

France, Italy & Switzerland: The Mont Blanc Circuit

Montana: Glacier National Park

Cobblestone Streets

Some like to balance jaunts in the country with explorations of world-class cities. Taking in the side streets of a medieval neighborhood, stopping in local bakeries, and lingering by burbling fountains is a delightful way to be active.

Italy: The Amalfi Coast & Capri

Czech Republic: Vienna to Prague

Italy: Umbria & Assisi

Rolling Pastureland

If you’d like to get out into nature—and spot a few sheep or cows while you’re at it—these tours are for you. The gentle terrain is great for walking…provided you don’t mind getting a little muddy here and there!

England: The Cotswolds

Italy: Piedmont

Wilderness Walking

Sometimes you want to go where the trails don’t. For a true “off-the-beaten-path” experience, nothing tops getting out of your jeep and looking for magnificent animals on foot in the wilds of Africa. In the company of incredibly knowledgeable guides, you can make discoveries that are truly unique.

Zambia Safari: Exclusive Camps
& Bush Walks

Zimbabwe Safari: Victoria Falls
& Undiscovered National Parks

South Africa Safari: The Cape
& Kruger National Park