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Top Tours for Mountain Beauty

Colossal, imperious, and eternal, the majestic spires of mountains inspire travelers in a way few sights can.

Whether strolling through an Alpine meadow full of wildflowers or admiring the reflection of a snowcapped peak in a high-altitude lake, mountains add a unique grandeur to your adventures. Each of these tours takes you to a spectacular highland region, letting you savor its unique culture, undiscovered trails, and sweeping vistas. In the company of expert naturalist guides, explore some of the world’s most spectacular ranges—learning about their geology, ecology, and lore along the way.

Guided Walking Bavaria Tyrol 2018

Austria & Germany: Bavaria & the Tyrol

Walk among the edelweiss and cinquefoil of the Tyrol’s highlands, passing charming fields of grazing cows and erbhof farmhouses. In this dramatic region, gentle trails and gondolas lead to spectacular vistas: the brilliant white of Stubai Glacier, cascading waterfalls, and more.

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Guided Walking Guided Walking Tour of Mount Blanc Circuit

France, Italy & Switzerland: The Mont Blanc Circuit

Experience the birthplace of mountaineering–a network of narrow paths, resort towns, snowy rock spires, rustic rifugi, and glacial ridges. Through it all, enjoy views of the colossal serrated edge of the Mont Blanc massif, ever present throughout the region.

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Guided Walking Italy: The Dolomites

Italy: The Dolomites

With its distinctive limestone spires, wind-etched cliffs, otherworldly sunsets, and distinct Ladin culture, the Dolomite Mountains are a naturalist’s dream. Gaze upon some of the range’s most imposing peaks and delight in the cultural treasures like Tyrolean hamlets, age-old cathedrals, and more.

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Guided Walking
North America

Montana: Glacier National Park

Perched on the “Crown of the Continent”—the meeting point of the Continental Divide and the headwaters of Hudson Bay—Glacier is endowed with glorious alpine scenery. With expert guides, walk among snowcapped peaks, passing glaciers and groves of whispering cedar trees.

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Guided Walking magical slovenia

Slovenia: Julian Alps to the Adriatic

Explore the Julian and Kamnik Alps on foot and via gondola, as you walk beside the glacial, blue-green Lake Bohinj, pass through pine forest, and marvel at fields of Alpine flowers such as Turk’s cap lilies and gentian.

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Self-Guided Walking The Three Sisters Blue Mountains National Park
Asia & South Pacific

Australia: Sydney to the Blue Mountains

Soaring tablelands, towering rock formations, and plunging waterfalls provide a dramatic backdrops in one of Australia’s most unique regions. Considered “the gateway to the Outback,” it’s the ideal place to go for a walkabout.

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