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The Answer:
The Agenzia Wine Bank
Piedmont, Italy

In the birthplace of the Slow Food movement, a vast cellar with barrel-vaulted brick ceilings plays host to over 100,000 bottles of the world’s finest wines. Created by the international Slow Food organization, it’s connected to the nonprofit’s University of Gastronomic Sciences and provides a delectable entree into their ideals of local foods and traditional methods.

Guests who stay for a wine tasting here will be invited to slow down and, in the words of Slow Food’s founder, Carlo Petrini, rebel “against the impoverishment of taste in our lives.” Heady stuff, but one sip of the bank’s legendary Barolos, Dolcettos, and Sangioveses and you’ll rediscover that special joy only great cuisine coupled with exceptional wines can bring.

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Italy: Piedmont

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Walking the Salt Road in Piedmont, Italy

Roman Salt Route

In ancient times, when salt was more valuable than gold, traders brought the mineral from Nice across the Roya Valley and into Piedmont, where they traded it for cheeses, wheat, and fine wine. Follow stretched of this age-old path in Piedmont.

Famous Barolo Wines from Piedmont, Italy

Barolo Country

This low-lying town town in the Langhe river valley is the home to one of Italy’s most famous wine grapes: the nebbiolo. The full-bodied wines made from this fruit are considered some of Italy’s best.

Truffles from Piedmont, Italy

Truffle Hunting

In the upper Langhe, truffle hunters with trained dogs forage among stands of trees for a delicacy often sold at auction for hundreds of dollars. Discover the secrets of this trade when you join an expert out on the trail.

Cliffs of Roero

Cliffs of Roero

Roero’s distinctive cliffs, known as rocche, were molded by wind and water erosion into distinctive odd shapes—which may be why local legend claims they were created by Beelzebub himself in “one hellish night.”

Langhe Sheep Cheese

Langhe Sheep Cheese

The long-eared Langhe sheep is severely endangered, which makes it all the more special when a master cheesemaker shares the delectable formaggio crafted from their milk.

Albergo dell’Agenzia Accommodations

Albergo dell’Agenzia

In Pollenzo, this former home of the King of Savoy is a sumptuous home away from home. The four-star hotel is special for another reason too: it’s adjacent to the famed Agenzia Wine Bank!