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Our Top Tours For Exceptional Cuisine

Taste the best of the world on a sumptuous Guided Walking Adventure.

You can expect top-notch dining—including local wine and beer with dinner—on all Country Walkers Adventures. However, there are certain regions that lend themselves to culinary experiences that are, quite simply, special. From legendary vineyards to harborside lobster bakes, here are five destinations that are sure to whet your appetite.

Guided Walking Following the Salt Route, Piedmont, Italy

Italy: Piedmont

Along the gentle hillsides of the Langhe—where a patchwork of sheep paddocks and Dolcetto grape arbors give way to chestnut forests full of wild truffles—you’ll discover what makes Piedmont Italy’s ultimate destination for refined cuisine and pastoral culture. Tour Details
Guided Walking Walking Tour of Croatia

Croatia: The Dalmatian Coast

Along the golden archipelagos of the Adriatic, the Dalmatian Coast is a hidden wonder full of medieval cities, waterfront olive groves, and glittering bays surrounded by hills of vibrant green. Experience its unparalleled seafood, family-run konoba restaurants, and exquisite wines on this unforgettable adventure. Tour Details
Guided Walking

France: Normandy & Brittany

France’s enchanting and austere northern coast offers a landscape beloved by the Impressionists, with its white coastal cliffs, towering cathedrals, and fragrant apple orchards. Delight in the best of French cuisine: Norman cheeses, Calvados liqueur, fresh mussels, sweet and savory crêpes, and an indulgent dinner at a Michelin-starred restaurant. Tour Details
Guided Walking light house in acadia national park
North America

Maine: Acadia National Park

In the oldest national park east of the Mississippi, quiet trails lead to serene ponds, boats chug to tiny islands, and rocky coastline gives way to lush forests. In this rustic setting, enjoy Down-East hospitality with fresh lobster, wild blueberry pie, and popovers at the legendary Jordan Pond House. Tour Details
Guided Walking Kyoto worshippers
Asia & South Pacific

Japan: Kyoto, Nara & the Kumano Kodo

Japan is a beguiling country of serene cedar groves, intricate ceremonies performed in authentic teahouses, and glittering neon nightscapes. In this complex country, you’ll relish authentic meals featuring fresh, organic ingredients in a traditional ryokan, enjoy formal dinners attended by geishas, and experience the thrum of markets in the heart of Kyoto. Tour Details