Enjoy Photos of Switzerland in this Guest-Made Video

A Country Walkers trip is always inspiring; sometimes it can lead our guests to get downright creative. Gordon Earl traveled with us through Switzerland last year on our Switzerland: The Valais & Goms Valley Self-Guided Walking trip. He captured a number of stunning photos and videos on his iPhone—picturesque shots of rushing rivers by Münster and Gluringen, towering peaks like distant Mont Blanc, and quaint mountain villages tucked beside Alpine lakes.

Earl did an amazing job capturing the climate in Switzerland, as well as the unique country’s flora and fauna, but he didn’t stop there. He went on to write his own musical score and edit it all together on his laptop. We just love the results! Whether you’re curious about Switzerland or hoping to relive past Swiss magic, take a minute to enjoy this great video.

For more of Gordon Earl's music, visit his website.