Into Southern Africa

Into Southern Africa

Southern Africa is a region of contrasts. From deserts where highly adapted plants and animals survive, to the Eden-like corridor of the famous Garden Route; from shaded coffee plantations to sparkling beaches; from high plateaus to flooded deltas where unique wetlands species flourish...this region constantly morphs and amazes.

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Consider a walking safari in Zambia, with its wealth of natural wonders. From the plunging Victoria Falls and wild Zambezi River to pristine wilderness and abundant wildlife, the raw, untouched beauty of this friendly country will embrace you.

Or connect with nature in Botswana, which protects 38 percent of its land as park and wildlife reserve. This vast expanse encompasses Okavango Delta, portal to a unique ecosystem; the peacock-blue Chobe River; swamps, woodlands, and other regions of exceptional biodiversity. Combine your journey with the Zimbabwe side of Victoria Falls—the world's largest curtain of falling water.

Immense even by African standards, Namibia is filled with rugged landscapes. From the dancing sand dunes of the oldest desert on earth, to dramatic mountainsides and petrified forests, your adventurous spirit will discover another world.

And, of course, South Africa, with its perfect combination of scenic beauty and urban sophistication. From the pleasures of a world-class city to verdant vineyards, plantations, and the Garden Route, a safari here is a kaleidoscope of adventure.

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Southern Africa welcomes you to an ancient land of extremes.