Into Eastern Africa

Into Eastern Africa

Lovers of wildlife will revel in East Africa. This region is legendary for its abundance of animal species, from the vast wildebeest and zebra herds of the Great Migration to the prides of lions and hidden lairs of solitary predators like leopard and cheetah. Amongst all that teeming life dwell monkeys and gorillas, countless species of bird, hippo, crocodile, and so much more. Place that against a background of East Africa's lush bush country or vast open plain, and you have an idea of the thrilling safari action that awaits you.

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wildlife cornucopia

If you dream of experiencing the Great Migration, safari through Kenya from June to September. But be assured, Kenya is marvelous any time of year. This "Jewel of East Africa" is one of the most dynamic wildlife destinations on earth, from the open plains to soaring Mount Kilimanjaro to soda lakes filled with millions of pink flamingos.

Dazzling variety will delight you in Tanzania, where a quarter of the land is pristine wildlife and botanical sanctuary. Over 1,600 species of large animal, butterfly, and bird await your discovery. Visit Ngorongoro Crater, the world's most unique and perfect biosphere, and splendid Lake Manyara, teeming with baboons, blue monkeys, and forest hornbills. Be witness to the start of the Great Migration in the low grassy plains of the Serengeti.

East Africa is also home to the mountain gorilla, and Uganda is where you will find them, along with topi, eland, klipspringer, zebra, buffalo, oribi, sitatunga, leopard, and more. A safari into the mountainous jungle to track the gorillas will be everything you ever imagined.

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the great migration

Every year nearly two million animals migrate through Tanzania and Kenya, motivated by seasonal rains and drought. An estimated one million wildebeest and 200,000 zebra make up the largest percentage of migrating herds, with gazelle coming in third. The timing of the Great Migration varies from year to year and is difficult to predict.

The map (left) shows the animals' general locations and movements throughout the year.

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weather patterns

From mountain to savannah to wetlands, Eastern Africa offers astonishing riches of animal life in every season.