Czech Republic: Vienna to Prague

Guided Walking Tour, Czech Republic: Vienna to PragueGuided Walking Tour, Czech Republic: Vienna to Prague

Czech Republic

Vienna to Prague


Discover an enchanted land of feudal castles and old-world heritage in the Czech Republic. Your adventure begins with the castle in tiny Telč, a Renaissance town and UNESCO World Heritage site, then moves into the rolling hills and bucolic hamlets of the Moravian highlands. Encounters with farmers glad to share conversation and freshly picked fruit will yield colorful tales. Outside the historic village of Tábor, the Klokoty Monastery presents a 17th-century Baroque masterpiece. Picnic in the scenic Lužnice River valley; sample Bohemian pilsners at a traditional brewery. The cobblestone byways of fairy-tale Cěský Krumlov reveal a medieval town unchanged for centuries; enjoy the shops, palace, and peaceful Blansky Forest. Your journey culminates in fabled Prague, “city of a thousand spires,” with unforgettable sights like 14th-century gargoyles and mosaics at St. Vitus Cathedral, the world’s largest palace complex at Prague Castle, and other architectural treasures.

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Activity Level
Easy to moderate;
6-9 miles daily
Vienna, Austria
Prague, Czech Republic
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Guided Walking 
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Itinerary and Accommodations

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Český Krumlov
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Český Krumlov
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Day 1


Meeting in Vienna. Vineyards of Austria; 6.2 miles, easy to moderate (options are available to walk 5 miles or 2.5 miles upon request). Transfer to Telč

Upon meeting in Vienna, you travel a scenic hour’s drive north to Hollabrunn, a district in Lower Austria’s beautiful Weinviertel. Characterized by gentle rolling hills, countless vineyards, and charming villages dotted with pretty white churches, Weinviertel (meaning “wine quarter”) is Austria’s largest wine-producing area—its most important grape variety being the peppery white Grüner Veltliner. The morning’s walk takes you over quiet country lanes nestled between vineyard-covered slopes and old oak forests. A unique feature of this bucolic landscape is its cellar-lined roads called Kellergassen, which connect village to village via an extensive network of wine cellars. Arriving in one of these villages on foot, you are welcomed to lunch at a family-run country inn—perhaps starting with a bowl of creamy garlic soup, followed by an excellent dish of goulash. A short wine presentation ensues, with a chance to sample the region’s acclaimed vintages.

Following lunch, you transfer 90 minutes to an area known as the Czech Highlands, a high, undulating territory between Bohemia and Moravia. There, you’ll enjoy a short walk through a landscape of dense woods and numerous ponds. Time permitting, you stop en route to explore an open-air museum of Czechoslovakian military fortifications dating to the 1930s.

By late afternoon you reach the small town of Telč, situated at the southwest tip of Moravia and undoubtedly one of the most beautiful towns in the Czech Republic. Following a devastating fire in 1530, the entire town was rebuilt in a unified Renaissance style and in 1992 its historic center was designated a UNESCO World Heritage site for its cultural and historical importance. Regarded as the best-preserved of all Bohemian and Moravian Renaissance towns, it features a central square bordered by historic houses with a dazzling array of colorful, elaborate façades, covered arcades, and walkways. Other notable features of the town are its Renaissance chateau, which retains evidence of Gothic origins, as well as a series of interconnected medieval fishponds, which encircle the town center on three sides. Arriving at your family-run hotel, a 16th-century property bordering the chateau’s park, there is time to relax and refresh before dinner on site.

Hotel Anton

Telč, Czech Republic

Originally a cooperative distillery, this family-owned property has been recently renovated and offers comfortable three-star accommodations in a peaceful setting. Bordering the Chateau Park, the hotel is only a few steps from the historic town square.

Day 2


"Duke Zak" walk in the Javorice Highlands; 8 miles, easy (options are available to walk 6 miles or 3.5 miles upon request)

Following breakfast, you set off to explore the picturesque landscape surrounding Telč. A 30-minute drive delivers you to the Javorice Highlands, an area of verdant forests and quiet meadows replete with wildflowers and fishponds. There are a number of walk options to choose from, all leading through forest and rolling fields, and starting from Roštejn Castle. Situated in a beech forest on a rocky hilltop, this Renaissance-era hunting lodge was once owned by the Lords of Hradec and the Lechtensteins, and features collections of china, ceramics, and tin, as well as an exhibition of highland stonework.

Returning to Telč by midday, you break for lunch at the hotel before joining your guides on a tour of the well-preserved Telč Castle, a sumptuous Renaissance chateau rebuilt from the original Gothic structure in the 16th century. In the neighboring ornate Chapel of St. George are the remains of the castle’s founder, Zachariáš z Hradce, also one of the owners of the Roštejn Castle visited earlier today. The rest of the day is yours to design; you may join your guides on an additional countryside walk, peruse the local galleries in town where local artisans are at work, or simply choose to relax at the hotel.

This evening you reunite for a short transfer to the neighboring village of Krahulčí where a hearty family-style meal awaits. In addition to sampling a few Czech staples, such as delicious homemade dumplings and sauerkraut, you will be treated to a festive introduction to the singing and dancing traditions of the area.

Hotel Anton

Telč, Czech Republic

Originally a cooperative distillery, this family-owned property has been recently renovated and offers comfortable three-star accommodations in a peaceful setting. Bordering the Chateau Park, the hotel is only a few steps from the historic town square.

Day 3


Juniper six villages walk; 9 miles, easy to moderate (options are available to walk 6.5 miles, 4.5 miles, or 3.5 miles upon request). Transfer to Tábor

Today we bid farewell to Telč and drive less than 30 minutes to the outskirts of the little town of Jindrichuv Hradec, home to a stunning lakeside chateau and the only working narrow-gauge railway in the country. Under a backdrop of wooded hills, shimmering ponds, and green pastures dotted with grazing sheep and horses, you make your way through six picturesque rural villages frozen in time. Arriving in one of these villages in time for lunch at a traditional restaurant, a local couple greets you with bowls of homemade goulash soup and a tasty buffet of assorted sausages, cheeses, fresh and pickled vegetables, and delicious rye bread.

Following an hour’s drive, you arrive in the medieval town of Tábor by late afternoon. Founded in the 15th century as an egalitarian peasant commune, Tábor is known for its maze of narrow cobblestoned streets, elaborate tunnel system, monumental city walls, and fascinating history. Your home for the next two nights—a four-star boutique hotel complete with original artwork and eye-catching design elements—is ideally located right on the town’s central Žižka Square. Dinner tonight is a short stroll away at a local restaurant.

Hotel Nautilus

Tábor, Czech Republic

An elegant boutique hotel uniquely decorated with original artwork, antique furniture, and natural elements. A stylish restaurant showcases sculptures from local artists and tall windows offer views of the historic town square.

Day 4


Religiosity of our ancestors; 9 miles, easy to moderate (options are available to walk from 4 to 8 miles upon request)

Following a delightful breakfast of freshly baked Czech pastries, eggs, fruit, and an array of cheeses and cold cuts, you set off on foot to explore Tábor’s historical center and surrounding countryside, the latter offering numerous walk options of varying lengths. Starting from the main square—site of the Old Town Hall, the Czech Republic’s most important Gothic building and home to a museum dedicated to the Pre-Lutheran Protestant movement—you meander through a labyrinth of tiny streets and continue around the local lake. Founded in 1492, it is the oldest reservoir of its kind in Central Europe.

Returning to the main square, you set off into the fields and forests along an ancient pilgrimage route to the Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary and Klokoty Monastery. This spectacular double-cross-shaped Baroque complex dates to the early 17th century and boasts numerous spires and an idyllic location above the Lužnice River. Descending into the valley, you stop for a relaxing riverside picnic of homemade Czech specialties. Following lunch, you continue on an undulating path through the rural landscape back to town.

This afternoon there is time to relax at the hotel or explore the winding streets and shops in Tábor before dinner at your hotel’s excellent restaurant, famed for its fresh, local fish and regional cuisine with a modern twist.

Hotel Nautilus

Tábor, Czech Republic

An elegant boutique hotel uniquely decorated with original artwork, antique furniture, and natural elements. A stylish restaurant showcases sculptures from local artists and tall windows offer views of the historic town square.

Day 5

Český Krumlov

Baroque peasant villages; 8 miles, easy (options are available to walk 8 miles, 6.5 miles, 5 miles, or 4 miles upon request). Transfer to Český Krumlov

After breakfast you transfer about one hour from Tábor to the area north of České Budějovice for the day’s walk. The route takes you through the peaceful countryside of Southern Bohemia— rolling hills with only gentle ascents and descents as well as countless villages featuring the best-preserved “Baroque peasant” houses in the country. Dating from the time when farmers and merchants imitated the architectural style of the wealthy nobility, these houses are appreciated for their colorful façades, gables, and white stucco ornamentation. On the quiet streets of these working communities, you encounter the descendants of several generations of farmers who might share stories and a handful of just-picked fruit from nearby orchards. Lunch is at a local restaurant en route. Once again, your guides can offer flexible options to satisfy those interested in shorter and longer walks.

This afternoon you transfer approximately 90 minutes to the enchanting town of Český Krumlov, one of Bohemia’s prettiest towns—named a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1992 for its historical importance and physical beauty. Situated on the banks of the Moldau River—or Vltava in Czech—Český Krumlov is a showcase of elegant Gothic, Renaissance, and Baroque buildings housing delightful cafés, pubs, restaurants, shops, and galleries. Cobblestoned lanes lead to your hotel for the next two nights—a charming riverside property in the heart of town. Following time to settle in, you stroll to a dinner of grilled Czech specialties at a neighboring restaurant.

Hotel Dvořák

Český Krumlov, Czech Republic

Located in the historical center of Český Krumlov, this 19th-century property offers well-equipped guest rooms with views of the River Vltava and Krumlov Castle. The hotel also features a riverside terrace, bar, and on-site restaurant.

Day 6

Český Krumlov

Blanský Les and the Czech countryside; 5.5 miles, moderate (options are available to walk 3.5 miles or 1.5 miles upon request). Free afternoon

Following breakfast, your guide(s) offer an introductory walk through the fairy-tale town of Český Krumlov. They are happy to point out the locals’ favorite restaurants and cafés for your independent lunch and dinner. You then depart for a loop walk in the countryside surrounding the town. In the Blanský Les (literally the Blansky Forest) Nature Reserve, a network of trails passes through a variety of natural habitats and a mixed coniferous-deciduous forest of pine, oak, beech, and ash. A break in the trees opens up every now and then to provide a glimpse of the open countryside.

After you return to the center of Český Krumlov by early afternoon, the rest of the day, including lunch and dinner, is yours to enjoy at your own pace. You may choose to browse inviting craft shops and narrow alleyways or explore the jewel of the town—the 13th-century Český Krumlov Château, Bohemia’s second-largest castle.

Hotel Dvořák

Český Krumlov, Czech Republic

Located in the historical center of Český Krumlov, this 19th-century property offers well-equipped guest rooms with views of the River Vltava and Krumlov Castle. The hotel also features a riverside terrace, bar, and on-site restaurant.

Day 7


Prague green city walk; 3.5 miles, easy to moderate

Bidding farewell to Český Krumlov and Southern Bohemia this morning, you head north on a three-hour drive through the Czech countryside, passing through picturesque villages and farmland to Prague, the nation’s capital. Known as the City of a Hundred Spires, Prague is one of Europe’s most beautiful and romantic cities, with gold-tipped towers, church spires, and breathtaking cathedrals dotting its skyline.

You are welcomed to this UNESCO World Heritage city with a captivating walking tour beginning at Prague Castle, the centerpiece of the city dating to the 9th century. Known as the “city within a city,” this complex of buildings includes Gothic and Romanesque churches, several palaces, gardens, courtyards, and defense towers—all perched on “Castle Hill” overlooking the city and famed Charles Bridge. Following a stop to admire the 14th-century gargoyles and unique glass mosaics of the Gothic St. Vitus Cathedral, you sit down to a light lunch, finished off with strudel and ice cream.

Rather than making your way downtown to Prague’s most crowded and touristy sites, you follow a peaceful path through flower-filled parks and gardens to your accommodations for the night—a lovely boutique hotel located just a few steps away from the Charles Bridge, the Old Town Hall, and its prized 15th-century astronomical clock featuring a glockenspiel spectacle every hour. The hotel’s chic design, local art displays, and expansive inner courtyard offer a peaceful retreat from the bustling neighborhood.

Your Czech adventure draws to a close this evening at an elegant restaurant overlooking this art-loving city. You toast the week’s highlights over a celebratory dinner and glass of Moravian wine or the finest Czech beer.

Hotel Leonardo

Prague, Czech Republic

This hotel consists of three ancient mansions renovated into an elegant boutique hotel and is located in Prague's historical center, just steps away from the Charles Bridge.

Day 8


Departure from Prague

The tour ends in Prague. After breakfast, you are free to continue your exploration of this historic, fascinating city, or depart at your leisure for your next destination.

Itinerary Disclaimer

Bear in mind that this is a typical itinerary, and the actual activities, sites, and accommodations may vary due to season, special events, weather, or transportation schedules. We reserve the right to alter the itinerary since tour arrangements are made up to a year in advance, and unforeseen circumstances that mandate change may arise. Itinerary changes are made to improve the tour and your experience. If you are currently booked on a Country Walkers adventure, an itinerary has been sent to you for your exact departure date. Please call Country Walkers at 800.464.9255 if you have any questions about the exact itinerary or hotels selected for any of our tours.


Marie Kadlckova Janouchová

Born in a small traditional Moravian village, Marie studied at the Austerlitz College for Tourism and Travel in Brno. She honed her English skills as an au-pair in England and her German at Klagenfurter University in Austria. She brings a great knowledge of agriculture, ornithology and landscape architecture to her trips as well as a passion for Moravian folklore, song and dance.

René Janouch

Born in Slovakia, René studied at Charles University in Prague, where he received a Masters in teaching Physical Education and Athletics. When not guiding, he works for the Czech Paralympic Team. He has backpacked around the globe, and has been leading photography, ornithology, and walking tours for more 20 years.

Frantisek Drahos

František (Fero) studied English and German languages and literature at Masaryk University in Brno. He now lives in Banská Bystrica, in the heart of Slovakia. In addition to guiding, Fero enjoys a variety of physical activities and plays the guitar.

Guest Comments

M. Overbeck, Indiana, September 2014

It was a magical experience. The destination was wonderful, the others in the group were compatible and interesting and the tour guides were superb! The days were broken into segments. For those who wanted the entire experience it was perfect amount of hiking. If some of hikers wanted a shorter hike, that was an option as well. The bus driver was stationed at various stops (with water and snacks), the guides love their country and shared insights and history. They went above and beyond. We all felt very nurtured!

V. Carlson, Minnesota, September 2014

This tour was very well organized and guided.  Rene and Fero were the best possible guides, offering options on the walks, information on all aspects of the tour, and humor throughout.  The locations were beautiful and new to me, so seeing them and learning the history of the area was special.

L. Porteous, California, July 2014

Out of seven tours, this one exceeded all expectations...guides extremely knowledgeable and helpful beyond any of my previous experiences.  Countryside walks and historical sights outstanding even though CW description played it down.

S. Volkar, Idaho, July 2014

The guides Rene and Fero were without a doubt the best guides I have had on my 6 CW trips.  They were knowledgeable, caring and fun to be with.

P. Doukas, Connecticut, July 2014

This was our 8th trip with CW and we believe it was our most enjoyable and interesting. (This is a very high bar since every trip has been terrific.) The region is pristine and the walks diverse and unspoiled. Our guides provided wonderful tours and walks, special events and an extraordinary knowledge of their country's rich and interesting history.

P. Atkeson, Wshington D.C., May 2014

This walking trip was one of the best I have taken in many respects. The guides, Rene Janouch and Fero Drahos are thoughtful, fun, informative and a pleasure to be with. They couldn't have been better in any respect  They developed each day to present a great combination of walking, visits to towns and villages and to important cultural and historic sites.  The days was full and very well balanced to include all interests. It was a bit like an art form.

C. Henry, New York, July 2012

This is my 3rd CW tour. I am consistently blown away by the caliber of the guides. And Rene and Fero added a new dimension - they were incredibly thoughtful, anticipating guests' needs, and truly couldn't do enough for us, from carrying water and walking sticks for us on the hikes until we asked for them, to providing delightful "UPS's" - Unexpected Pleasant Surprises.

T. Goettsche, Illinois, May 2014

The Czech Republic trip totally surpassed our prior CW experiences and expectations for hiking in Bohemia.  It was an amazing experience with lots of surprises - UPS's as our guides "coined" them...unexpected pleasant surprises.  The group clicked in so many ways, fostered by both Rene and Fero's personable interest, ability to focus our attention and their always pleasant sense of humor.  Their menu planning and balance of traditional versus contemporary foods was flawless.  Their ability to connect us with the culture through their stories and descriptions of what we were seeing or what went on in years past kept our interest at a high level and wanting see and hear more and more.  They were very gracious and patient at all times.  In addition, the country and places we visited have so much to offer - just the sheer beauty and design features were way beyond our expectations.  We were treated to an amazing experience.

R. Kass, Illinois, May 2013

Excellent tour! The guides were great, hiking trails they selected and created were great, they were knowledgeable, food was very good. Rooms met or exceeded expectations.

M. McConnaughey, Massachusetts, May 2013

This was our 12th CW trip and each and every one has given me a new knowledge of our destination, new history, new food and wine to sample, and the joy that every guide shares about their part of the world. Your guides are friendly, well trained and so ready to answer our many questions. I feel as if I am back in school for a week!

A. Baer, Utah, September 2012

My trip consisted of walking vineyards, chateaus, forests and towns as well as superior guides. I know this will not be my last Country Walkers experience. I felt safe, cared for, well fed, and drank the best beer in the world. My guides were always cheerful and knowledgeable. Fero and Rene spent many hours preparing for our group and I am lucky to have so many memorable events, it will take me months to go over pictures and memories. This is a lasting experience.

S. Dijulio, California, September 2012

An awesome, enlightening experience. I have traveled many places, but I certainly enjoyed the experience walking the Czech countryside. There is so much to learn about the history and culture of the area.

L. Lake, Massachusetts, May 2012

Outstanding trip! The guides were amazing and balanced the history of the area with beautiful hikes. Everything was well-organized and perfectly planned down to the last detail. I thoroughly enjoyed the Czech Republic! This was my third trip and I plan on another trip next year.

B. Ulrich, South Dakota, July 2012

I have travelled with other tour (operators) that have been very good, but had no comparison with this tour. Our guides (René and Fero) made the tour. They were always solicitous, informative, helpful, funny, and just wonderful in every aspect. I loved travelling the countryside of Czech Republic and seeing the smaller towns. I learned a great deal of the history and culture of the area, an area about which I knew little beforehand. I liked the introductory walks in Cesky Krumlov and Prague, which surveyed the sights for us to follow up on as we wished. Very good idea! 

A. Shortall, California, May 2012

Perfect combination of beautiful countryside, old and charming towns, outstanding guides eager for us to hear about the history and traditions of their country.

C. Hetzer, South Carolina, May 2012

The most "caring" guides I have ever been with.