Sustainable Projects

Sustainable Projects

Sustainable Projects

Our style of travel has led to the creation of a number of giving back efforts around the world. Here is one strong example of sustainable and culturally sensitive philanthropy programs with which we are directly involved:

The Patacancha Project


PATACANCHA, PERU—For 10 years, we have supported the small Andean community of Patacancha, Peru along with our guides and our guests. The primary project was to construct an elementary school dormitory for the children. The project has raised over $13,000 to date and continues to grow. The school children of Patacancha now enjoy a two-story, five-room dormitory with facilities for 20 students. Complete with a kitchen and electricity, it serves as a Community Center as well.

In 2008, we were surprised when we received a package from the school children of Patacancha. Each child had drawn a picture of their village and school as a ‘thank you’ for this initiative. We proudly have several hanging on our office walls, and they were the inspiration for our 2008 holiday greeting card. The story of Patacancha is encouraging—read more about it.

We are proud of this grass-roots project, and enthused that it is included on the Travelers’ Philanthropy website—providing a portal for guests to donate.

“What we left with was not only the spiritual beauty of Machu Picchu but also a better understanding of Peru and its wonderful people. This trip took us up into the Andes Mountains to visit a school—incredible! It left such an impression on me that I donated money to the Patacancha Dormitory Project in my children's names and gave it to them for Christmas this year. Now, my girls want to travel there and see the school and its people. It is such a privilege to be able to travel, giving back, leaving something positive to these children and their families that opened their homes and lives to us. I love that Country Walkers has this available to its clients. I hope to be able to contribute in more ways in the coming years.”

-S. Strang, California