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Taste of Place | By Matt Thompson, Jun 5, 2013 03:09 pm

Limoncello: Italy’s Sweet and Sunny After-Dinner Drink

On the Sentieri degli Dei—”Path of the Gods”—along Italy’s Amalfi Coast, you catch the scent of fresh lemon in waves. The tart and floral aroma rides the sea breeze up from terraced groves along the coast to your hillside track, filling your nose with the sweet and bitter perfume of citrus...and the promise of one of Italy’s most delicious creations, limoncello. This vibrant yellow liqueur is a hallmark of Amalfi’s seaside culture. You’ll find it for sale in virtually every store—most families have their own recipe—and at the end of most meals, as a delicious, chilled digestivo. Italy produces ¾ of the world’s lemons, so it’s only natural they’ve found an unforgettable way to use them. A syrupy glass of limoncello served in a traditional ceramic glass packs all of the fruit’s sunny flavor with none of its bitterness. Sipped in an outdoor café overlooking the rugged Capri coast, it’s the perfect way to end a day on the trail. And a bottle safely stowed in your kitchen cabinet is a simple way to bring yourself back to Italy for months to come.

If you’d like to make your own Limoncello, you can find a recipe here.

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