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Our Team

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Your adventure of a lifetime is a team effort; and, every member of the Country Walkers team is committed to this philosophy. Based in Vermont—a great locale for an active travel company—our multi-lingual team includes individuals from several different countries with a passion for travel, and an equally passionate belief that the best way to explore the world is on foot. Widely recognized for our commitment to unsurpassed guest service, we believe in and are dedicated to personalized attention. Whether working behind the scenes, standing at the trailhead or pedaling down a dirt road, assisting you with choosing an adventure, or reviewing specific tour details our experienced, professional staff is eager to ensure that your active vacation is rewarding, renewing, and quite simply unforgettable.

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“It is like spending a week with a very good friend who is thrilled to share her country, her culture, her food, her experience, her thoughts, and her ideas. And every minute was filled with opportunities.” —G. Kelly, Texas


We hear similar exultation again and again from guests on Guided and Safari adventures with CW Adventures. In particular, guests who frequently travel with us know that our guides truly set us apart from other adventure travel companies.

Country Walkers guides are experienced professionals, delightful travel companions, and talented wanderers with a genuine passion for not only showing you the way, but also introducing you to the language, people, culture, food, nature, and customs of their homeland. Trust us—you could not be in better hands!

Doors open thanks to your guides; after all, it’s about who you know. Since they live in the communities in which they guide, they expertly provide you with behind-the-scenes access and one-of a-kind encounters that you could never arrange yourself.

In Bassano, Italy, meet our friends, the owners of the oldest family-run distillery, and enjoy a grappa tasting. Follow your naturalist guide to rarely seen petroglyphs in Mesa Verde. Become an invited guest in Greece as you sing, dance, and toast with the locals. Gain entry to the inner sanctum of a Bhutanese dong, forbidden to other foreign guests, and watch masked dancers and participate in a prayer ceremony. Your guide Kinlay, a direct descendant of Bhutan’s noble Wang clan, makes it happen!

Your guides are fluent in English and in the languages of the region. Drawing on their extensive education and training, our guides also provide a wealth of knowledge on a wide variety of subjects, be it local history, legend and lore, art and architecture, or geological marvels. They eagerly share their life experiences, so you will know and love their country as they do.

On Guided and Personal trips your guides are with you 24/7 throughout your adventure. Whether you’re rising early to share sunrise and ancient stories with your guide in Machu Picchu, or need assistance locating the perfect, handcrafted gift to share with friends at home, your talented and dedicated Country Walkers guide will show you the way. Join us. You’ll soon find yourself part of our extended family.

You can learn more about each guide on individual tour pages.

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